Summer Hike Ideas: Mount Strachan

Now that we have finally been graced with some nice weather in Vancouver, it’s time to hit the trails!

Mount Strachan is a beautiful and challenging hike on Cypress Mountain, and one I recommend if you are into:

  •  Circle route hikes (it’s not an out and back trek)- lots of variation in scenery
  • Good views on a nice day
  • Big uphill scrambly portion “Christmas Gully”
  • Site of a plane crash & wreckage
  • Easy to access from cypress mountain.
  • Beautiful views of the Howe sound and Garibaldi mountains on a clear day

Mount Strachan is:

  • 10.5 KM’S
  • 550 M Elevation gain
  • Not an easy hike, good amount of rocky portions to navigate.  I would rate this hike as intermediate.
  • Best done between July and October once the snow has melted (the scrambly portions are pretty dangerous if still wet and slippery).

The trail starts from the Cypress Ski Mountain resort.  For complete directions please refer to this website.

The first part of the trail meanders through the woods alongside Yew Lake.

Keep an eye out for beautiful birds:


And beautiful huge trees!


After reaching a few junctions and crossing a few bridges you reach the Bowen Lookout, overlooking the Howe sound with a beautiful view of Bowen Island.  This is a side trek trail- and worth checking out:


After trekking through the forest you will reach a wooden map board, and then two wooden bridges.  This is where you enter Strachan Meadows and are about to start the climb up the gully to the top of the hike.  There aren’t many marker points through here, but just stay left of the gully and follow the rocks, and the eventual trail path to make it to the top.  It’s a bit of a slog, and scramble, but have fun with it 🙂

Once you get to the top, there is an option to head right or left, head left first for the first viewpoint.  You will go right later before you start your descent over the other side of the mountain.

You get a really great view of the Lions (middle photo), another very popular hike here in Vancouver.


Once you’ve rested up it’s time to head over the second lookout.  You walk back towards where you came up from Christmas Gully and then head straight across to the second lookout.  It’s very easy to navigate.

Once you’ve had a good look at the second lookout it’s time to start heading over the back of the mountain heading in the opposite direction that you came up Christmas Gully. Walk along the rocky surface at the top of the mountain a little ways down along the ski lift, aiming to find two orange markers that will get you on the descending trail back in the forest.  It took us a bit of time to find these.  We saw other people coming up different routes, so be sure you find the trail markers and forested path or else you will miss the plane crash!

Within 30 minutes of descending you come across a plane crash from 1963!  This was a T-33 Navy jet on a training mission.  It took several days to locate the crash site, and much of the site is still preserved- as you can see!

After the plane crash we found the route not to be very well marked, and in some cases we were worried we had got on the wrong trail.  Ensure you have these directions with you!  The downhill portion seemed to take a very long time, which is why we had thought we had gone the wrong way.  It also seemed like we were heading in the wrong direction, but the trail eventually veers back towards Cypress mountain.

As we were finishing the hike we came upon a plethora of “BEAR IN AREA” signs!!  I was happy to have seen these all at the end, so I didn’t have to be too freaked out while we hiked 🙂


I hope you get out and enjoy Cypress Mountain and the Mount Strachan Hike.  Let me know if you make it out.  If you get a nicer day then we did I would love to see your photos.

  •  Katherine

What to do when someone calls you fat

Earlier in the week I overhead a comment that sounded like someone was speaking about how I have gained weight.  I cannot 100 % guarantee this was the comment, but whether or not it actually happened is beyond the point.  People make rude comments to each other about age, weight, height, life choices etc. all the time.  Also, this might be an easy comment to shrug off for many of you.  For a highly sensitive person, whose struggled with having positive body image my whole life- this was a doozy!

When this comment happened I really wish I would of had the guts to stop in my tracks and address the issue head on, but unfortunately this is a skill I am still lacking (and need some practice in).  Instead I chose to pretend for the time being that I must of misheard, and went on with my day.

But I noticed the comment sticking with me throughout the rest of the day as I worked with my clients.  Did I gain weight?  I am not sure!  I haven’t weighed myself since 2013 (you can read more about that story HERE).  I slowly started to get slightly self conscious…maybe my clothes had gotten a bit tighter?  When suddenly I had an amazing realization (thanks to 5 + years now of self awareness and personal development work!).

What did I realize?

When someone comments on you this comment is coming from their reality, their head space, based on their day, and their mood, their feelings about themselves and their own bodies.  I found this amazing meme on a Facebook page I follow regularly called GO Kaleo:

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.18.41 PM.png

Hate/Judge it’s all the same..

Although intellectually I was able to process this understanding, I still at the same time was feeling a bit insecure.  I decided I needed to carry out an action plan so that this one little comment didn’t ruin my day, and my week.

Here are some of the things I did to work past my insecurities:

#1:  Many of my friends know about my journey of learning how to EMBRACE my body and learn to love it, even if I am not 125 pounds and 15 % body fat (You can read more about that journey HERE).  So the first thing I did was text a few friends about what happened and how I was feeling.  I made sure to finish up the text by saying ‘I am texting you this so you can remind me to continue to EMBRACE my body, have a positive body image, and not fall back into disordered thoughts and eating”.  My friends were very encouraging and supportive, as always, which helped.

#2:  Next I actually went to Instagram and Facebook.  In my journey to teach myself body positivity I found a lot of good resources online from people all over the world who were all shapes and sizes and whose main message was to take care of ourselves, without restriction, guilt, and shame.  I came across an Instagram account that I thought was profoundly honest, hilarious, and totally up my alley.  Her name is Kate, and she is in recovery from some very debilitating mental illnesses, one of which she is currently battling being eating disorder recovery and having positive body image.  The first video I saw was her dancing crazy around in her living room in her underwear to help herself and others overcome negative thoughts and the need/desire to appear perfect.  You can check out her Instagram.  After reviewing her account, and a few others I follow on Facebook I was once again in a great state of mind, realizing that there are so many other women like me everywhere who are tired of trying to look a certain way, and don’t want to be judged for it either!

#3:  Ok, now here’s the funny part.  After watching Kate’s account I decided that I also wanted to “Dance it out” on video.  I flipped on a song, and pressed record and OMG the craziest dance moves came out, and sure put a smile on my face.  It’s impossible to be depressed or anxious when you are dancing around like a fool in your living room.  The best way to get out of a funk is to get up, throw on a song and dance!  And guess what?  I am going to share my dance with you 🙂  You know why?  Because I want you to smile.  I want it to bring some happiness to your day.  Sure I look like a fool!  My hair is hanging half out of it’s pony tail, I’ve got the most ridiculous facial expressions, and my dance moves are wild.  And sure I fear that you will judge me and think I am nuts.  BUT in the end I want to spread more joy, and love, and goofiness, and silliness in this world- rather than judging others.  And I think this video will help.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 2.05.24 PM

Watch the Video Here

After I made the video I sent it to a friend and dedicated it to all the people in the world who are judged daily.  We can find ways to not let these judgments bring us down- but instead lift us up!  Which brings me to my next point.

#4:  After having this experience I decided that the only plausible thing to do was to spread a tremendous amount of kindness into the world, to counteract for all the judgement and hate.  I made an extra effort to smile at others, express thanks and gratitude, say hi to people I don’t normally, and treat others with the respect they deserve.

In 1970, the average age a girl began dieting was 14, according to The Eating Disorder Foundation. By 1990, that age had dropped to eight.  Each new study on children, dieting, and body image reveals only more appalling details. In 1991, 42% of first-through-third-grade girls reported wanting to be thinner. That same year, a study found that 51% of of nine- and 10-year-old girls felt better about themselves while dieting.  SOURCE

The world needs more women of all shapes and sizes looking, feeling, acting confident.  Not putting their bodies down!  

In the end I had a FREAKING great week.  Whether or not I have gained weight or not, I now know that I can manage these comments and don’t let them tear me down.  I didn’t force myself to overexercise the rest of the week.  I noticed when I wanted a bit of extra food because I was hungry, and noticed how that negative self talking voice in my head tried to stop me (but it didn’t).  I wanted to share for reference how I might have reacted to this comment 5 or 10 years ago:

  • When I was in University if someone called me fat I would have:
    • Put into immediate action a plan to get on a better diet.
    • Forced myself into more exercise that day then I wanted to.
    • Felt low, crappy about myself and my abilities.
    • Felt like a failure that I can’t live up to societies standards for weight.
    • Felt anxious, started to avoid eye contact.
    • Limit my social time to spend more time trying to lose weight.


  • 5 Years ago, someone did call me fat.  This was during a period of time that I had gone from basically not eating food, to eating food again, and I had indeed gained weight.  My reaction at the time, was a little healthier. I:
    • Called a friend and cried.
    • Doubted myself, my ability to eat food and exercise in moderation, and would have continued contemplating some kind of diet/exercise program I should be on to satisfy others needs for how I should look.
    • At this point I was working with a nutritionist who supported me in not heading down that downward spiral.

It is so refreshing for me to see that although it took 5-10 years I was able to transform many of the thoughts I have had about my body, and my relationship with food from my whole life.  

I wanted to write this to all women, because I know that we all suffer to some degree from this obsession to look or be a certain way.  Please reach out to someone you trust and get some support if you are in a guilt, shame, depressed, anxious, self hating spiral.  Remember- all the little negative comments you say about your body add up.  Stop saying the little ones:)  And finally- it’s ok to be upset and sad about something someone else said.  In the end, don’t let it break your spirit.  Set up an action plan (like mine) for when you are down and need some uplifting!

If you know someone who this might help today, please pass it along 🙂

Love to all you body positive warriors out there!


Workout: Legs, Core, Triceps, Back, Abs, and Hip symmetry!

Hey Gang,

Wanted to share with you one of my workouts from last week.  The exercises are low impact, but can be very challenging when done properly.  I did each exercise in a Tabata format, which means I did 20 seconds of hard work, followed by 10 seconds rest, and repeated that 8 times for each exercise.  This means I got a good workout in all in under 20 minutes!  I promise, even though it’s short- you will feel a burn!

The purpose of my workout was to really focus on alignment of my spine, as well as engaging my inner thighs in my motions to square and strengthen my hips in alignment.  As someone who has always liked to squat a heavy weight, I had slowly developed some imbalances in strength in my hips.  Heavy squatting is often done with a knee and toe turn out, which works more your outer hips.  Slowly over time my inner thighs started to become quite weak, which was showing up as knee issues during running and hiking.

If you want a whole body, low impact, medium intensity routine to add to your week, give this one a try:

Exercise #1:  Hamstring curls.

These aren’t your typical hamstring curls!  To start, place a yoga block between your knees.  Your job will be to squeeze that block together to activate your inner thighs and abdominals to a greater degree, and stabilize your pelvis during the motion.  Once the inner thighs are active, press the hips up in the air using the glutes.  With the glutes in the air, extend your legs out and then pull them back under your body using your hamstrings (backs of your legs).  Ensure your core is absolutely braced the whole time.

Hamstring Curls Video Link

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.13.57 AM.png

Exercise #2:  Lat pull down with leg lowers. 

This one will work your core, as well as your back muscles (lats).  You will need to have a space where you can hook a band up behind your head, to use as resistance for the muscles.  Once you are set up on the mat, like I am in the photo below, you are going to lift your knees up into a 90 degree position.  Then, exhale and strongly engage your core, followed by a straight arm lat pull down combined with dropping one leg to the floor (takes a bit of coordination!).  Some things that often go wrong in this exercise and cause pain:  allowing your ribs to ‘pop’, allowing your core to disengage so that your lower back is doing all the work.  Go really slow with this one, use your breathing and core engagement to make it effective and challenging.

Lat pull Down/Leg Lower Video LinkScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.16.29 AM.png

Exercise #3:  Tricep pull down with ab/inner thigh squeeze.

Here is a great exercise to strengthen the back of your arms, while at the same time working your inner thigh and abs.  Laying on your back, using the same band set up as the exercise above, and bring your knees up to the same 90 degree position.  This time, hold a block between your knees.  Your job is going to be squeezing that block together the whole time (which also nicely activates your core).  Keeping your elbows pinned on the floor, slowly squeeze your arms into a straight position.  Make sure to lock your wrists out!  Keep those abs tight, as always.

Tricep pull down with Abs/inner thighsScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.22.16 AM.png

Exercise #4:  Side Plank with added stability requirement.

Here is a challenging side plank variation (not for beginners).  If you are new to side planks, you can try just holding a side plank from your knees/toes, or moving your top leg with your bottom knee bent.

The reason why I love this exercise:  It requires you to brace strongly with your core (to protect your back, and work core stability), while you breathe and move your leg back and forth (mimicking more of a functional movement exercise).

Give it a try!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.28.04 AM.png

Side Plank with Stability component video

Exercise #5:  One leg Squat

One leg squats are extremely hard, and require a tremendous amount of flexibility, mobility, and strength.  In this example I am strengthening the ‘squarenesss’ of my hips in this position and movement.  I am using a bar as gentle support to help me out of the bottom of my squat, but most of all I am really squeezing against the yoga block with my inner thighs to stabilize my pelvis, and activate my core.  My goal is one day to do a pistol squat!  A beginner friendly version would be to do a one leg glute lift, like I showed on the previous workout blog, which you can find HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.31.17 AM.png

One leg squat Video link

So have fun with it!  Let me know how you do, if you need modifications, and if you find it fun 🙂

And remember- consistency is better than intensity, better to do a small workout every day then just a few intense ones each week.

Hot Springs & Hiking Near Whistler

Need a weekend getaway to somewhere peaceful, and out in the middle of nowhere?  Want to combine this with a great hike?

One of my favourite weekend trips Kyle and I have taken over the past few years was out to the Skookumchuck Hot Springs located north of Pemberton.  Although a bit of a drive from Vancouver, if you make this trip into a weekend away, and include a nice hike on the way back then it’s well worth it.  Or you could pay to spend the weekend at the hot springs and relax the weekend away.  To read more about the hot springs themselves, where they get there name, and the history of the area, follow the links from this site:  LINK

The hot springs are nothing fancy in themselves, but they are definitely relaxing, peaceful, and set in a very beautiful location.  If you aren’t into roughing it a little bit, this won’t be a trip for you!

The first step is to gear up with your tent, food etc. and head out on the 3.5 hour drive north of Pemberton to the hot springs.  There are really great driving directions found on this site:  LINK.  That link is also the site where I found all of my original information for planning this trip.  On the way there we made a few pit stops to stretch the legs.  One in particular was Nairn falls, which was located about 20 minutes north of Whistler on the right hand side of the road.  We also stopped at Shannon falls viewpoint, near Squamish.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.37.40 AM.png

Here are some shots I took from the car on the way up, trying to capture the beauty!  It was quite a drive, but relatively easy to navigate given the directions above.  Be prepared for quite a long stretch of gravel road near the end of the trip.  It was fine in our truck, and at the point of our trip would have been ok for travel in most vehicles.



When you arrive to the hot springs site (after travelling on a gravel road for quite some time!), you can pay for your campsite before entering as there should be a person working at the gate who will take your payment and let you in.  We paid $30 for 2 people to camp for the night, and also purchased firewood on top of that from him (which wasn’t a great price, so if you can bring your own I would recommend that).

The campsites are beautiful!  Located right along the Lillooet River



Pretty good spot to set up!


10 steps down from our campsite


Looking left along the river from our campsite


Looking up from the river’s edge to our campsite


Looking down at the river’s edge from our ‘tent’ – aka we sleep in the back of our truck!  Luxury camping.

Once you set up camp, throw on your swim suit and head over to the hot springs.  They are very close to the campsites, just a couple of minutes walk.  Oh and beware- swim suits were optional, especially as the night rolled in.

The hot tubs are heated from an underground hot spring, which is visible, but you can’t bathe in that one because it is deemed too hot!  Instead, the hot springs are funnelled into a collection of random old hot tubs, wooden tubs, and large blue bins!  It is really nothing fancy, and a pretty eclectic bunch of bins and tubs, but as long as you aren’t expecting Spa Scandinave style you will really enjoy it! Each tub is heated to a slightly different temperature so you can rotate around and find one of your choosing.  They even had one freezing cold tub, which felt amazing and invigorating to jump into in between the hot ones.


A view of the hot ‘pools’ with the spring located to the back left


A couple of the tubs.  The closest one in the photo was the freezing cold one!



One of the other larger hot tubs located near the back.  This one really was an actual hot tub like you would have at your home- out in the woods!


Where the hot water comes from.


Another view.  You get the idea- it’s nothing fancy!





So relaxing, you can barely keep your eyes open!


I love this photo!  Kyle looks like a little happy kid in a play pen!



Tub hoppin’

That night was very early night considering how relaxed we felt after a few hours of tub hopping, and how peaceful it was to sleep beside the river.

After one night of camping and enjoying the pools we decided to make our way for a hike before heading back to Vancouver.  Unfortunately we became so incredibly relaxed from the tubs we didn’t make it to our ultimate goal of hiking Joffre Lakes, which is more of a major hike in the area.  Instead we ended up wandering around Alice Lake, and finding two short hiking trails that suited us better.  Alternatively, a nice relaxing, but long trail would have been checking out Chekamus lake (if you go up in the summer).  We went up in the winter months, and weren’t sure if the road was 100 % accessible or if there was snow on the ground.  Chekamus lake is a relatively flat hike, about 14 km, and would make a perfect end to your weekend.  If neither of those sound interesting, chose another one off of this extensive list.


On the drive home

One final tip:  We stopped in Pemberton at a coffee shop and got some delicious muffins the next day.  They were so good that after splitting one we went back in and got some more.  The bad news, I can’t remember the name of the shop.  If you know it you must comment so everyone else can enjoy!

Let me know if you make it out here 🙂  I hope my pictures did it justice and you find it just as relaxing as we did.

Do you want a “Back Care” Workshop- You must vote so I know!

After the Back Care workshop I hosted at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre a few weeks back there was plenty of response for me to host an online webinar, or perhaps a longer (3 hour session) to provide an opportunity to really dive into the material.

Before I go ahead and plan an event I wanted to hear from YOU.

If you are interested in attending a 3 hour workshop on BACK CARE- specifically learning about how to move with a neutral spine, how to find and maintain good posture, and how to strengthen all the functions of your core for a stronger healthier back, then please click this link:  LINK and select the potential date in July that you could attend.

  •  The workshop will be tailored to all levels and abilities.  Even if you feel already fit, healthy, and injury free, come check it out and I will add to your awesome repertoire of knowledge and exercises****

My plan would be to host the event at the YWCA if there is a studio space or room available, but as an alternative option it might be located at another gym, or even in an online format!

What I want to know first is that there is good interest in attending an event like this.

SO, if you are interested- please follow this link:  and make your selection.

Feel free to also post a comment below if you would prefer to do so.


In case you missed the previous 1 hour workshop, here is what we covered:

“Do you often have a sore back throughout your day or after exercise?  Do you have a back injury you are dealing with?  Do you enjoy doing sit ups in the gym in an effort to strengthen your core and get rid of stomach fat?  The science shows that sit ups and other flexion motions are detrimental to the spine and can lead to injuries like disc bulges.  It is important to work your core muscles in their true intended function- as stabilizing units during movement.  Come learn from Katherine her top 5 favourite core exercises for super strength in the mid section that won’t leave you with back pain or at risk for injury!”.

Hiking/Canoeing Pitt Lake & Widgeon Falls- beginner friendly

Looking for an easy canoe ride to a short hike ending in beautiful waterfalls, and all within an hour and a bit drive from Vancouver?  You should check out Pitt Lake and Widgeon falls.

Pitt Lake is located about 1.25 hours from Vancouver.  Once you get to Pitt lake you have about a 45 minute canoe ride until you come to the start of the trail for a 6 km round trip hike to Widgeon falls.  The whole trek is very beginner friendly, and makes a nice easy day for families, locals, and tourists!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 4.43.39 PM.png

The first step was securing a canoe for the day.  Luckily my lovely friend loaned his to us.  If you don’t have access to one, we saw people renting them from a small shop right at Pitt lake.  On the trail report website found HERE they have provided the name and contact number for this canoe rental company.


Making funny faces is my specialty…

Once you’ve got your canoe organized, make your way to Pitt Lake, google maps driving directions HERE.


Nice views on the drive 


And You’ve arrived!


From Pitt lake you can find a parking spot (often crowded here), and then head out on your paddle.  The paddle is pretty much straight across the lake from where you launch your canoe and you will head into a large clearing between two stretches of trees (you can see in the photo above, you will head straight across and head to the left of that tree line straight ahead).  We found we were a little unsure as to the exact canoeing directions, listed HERE, but if you just paddle straight across the lake (slightly to the left), into the clearing, and then stay left for the entire paddle you will make it to Widgeon falls.  This is what the area looks like once you arrive to start the hike.  On the day we were here (I believe it was Canada Day) there were PLENTY of other canoes and hikers.



Plenty of “Bear in Area” signs, which was concerning for me.  But we didn’t see any!


Locking up the canoe, and getting started on our trek.  How did we make a mess already?

Once you have safely stowed your canoe (up on the grass to stay safe from the tidal lake) you can start on the hike!  Make your way up towards the information signs and then head right.  You start walking through some long grass, and the trail eventually heads more into tree dense woods until you come upon the waterfall after about 1 hour.  For all the detailed hiking directions check HERE.  The hike is short, less than an hour if you are quick, and eventually you come across some large rocks and beautiful waterfalls.



Happy hikers



Make sure you bring a lunch and plan on spending some time exploring around the waterfall area 🙂





Definitely a little dangerous, and not advised!





Oh, and if it’s a super hot day like our day was, then pack your suit for a swim on the hike back!  We found this little spot just off the trail.  The water was FREEZING but especially refreshing during our hike.


With the drive to and from Vancouver this is definitely a full day trip, even though the hike itself is only about 6 km round trip and the canoe trip is about 1.5 hours for a beginner.

One more thing…on the way back in the canoe we found the current to be VERY strong the day we were there.  Be prepared to have to paddle much harder on the way back and to have two strong people in the canoe to do the paddling.  I do think this paddle was beginner friendly, but just be ready to work on the way back a little bit harder!

Let me know if you make it out to Widgeon falls and Pitt Lake this summer, I would love to hear about it 🙂

Today’s Workout: inner thigh, spine, butt, shoulders.

This workout today is all about neglected muscles!  In our ‘typical’ workout programs that we often get trapped in doing in the gym we tend to focus on exercises like squatting, lunging, push up variations, pull down motions, and the like.  These are all great exercises, but it’s also good to have a ton of variety in the movements you perform, that way you avoid creating imbalances in your body!  At the same time, each of our bodies have muscles and movements that we are a bit weaker in.  For me, my inner thighs, my straight arm shoulder strength, and my one leg glute strength are areas I am working on.

I wanted to share my workout with you today for a few reasons;

  •  Give you some ideas to add variety to your gym routine.
  • Explain why these exercises are so great.
  • Get you thinking about all the ways in which we should challenge our body to move, to keep it working optimally!
  • You can get done this workout in less than 25 minutes with rest breaks!

So here it is:

  1.  First step- set your tabata timer (I use a free one from my app store) for 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest X 7 rounds.  After you perform all 7 exercises, grab a sip of water and restart your timer to go again.
  2. Set up your BOSU, 2 yoga blocks, 1 light KB, and one pilates ring.  You only have 15 seconds to change exercises, so you want these items close.
  3. Start your timer- and get to work!

Here is your first exercise:

  1.  Inner thigh squeeze and one “lift” of the chest to the ceiling.

For this one- just place the pilates ring between your inner thighs.  Use your inner thighs and abdominals to ‘crush’ the ring a.k.a squeeze your knees together then keep the legs squeezing as you ‘levitate’ your chest up towards the ceiling.  For each squeeze of the thighs you do one lift of the chest.  Note:  This is not a sit up type motion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.43.51 AM

Here is a full video:

2.  Superman Varieties

These versions of your typical superman exercises are much harder then they look!  They require incredible straight arm strength, and inner thigh strength, as well as just like any superman exercise it is a great workout for the muscles down your spine.

What I would suggest is that 45 seconds will be quite a long time to hold this position, especially for a beginner.  In the video below I show you 3 different versions of this exercise.  I would suggest that for each round you do through your circuit do 1 of the varieties I have shown.  If you can’t last 45 seconds, no problem, take small rests and then jump back into it!

For the first version I am squeezing my straight arms against the side of the block, while at the same time I am trying to shrug my shoulders gently away from my ears and lift my chest and arms off the floor.  Second version the block is between my knees and I am squeezing the block as I lift my legs only.  Third version both arms and legs are squeezing and lifting.  Keep your neck in a straight line.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.53.42 AM

Here is the full video:

3.  Straight arm overhead kettlebell carries.

Many of us (including me) are lacking really good shoulder stability strength.  We are so used to working our back arms and shoulders from a bent elbow position, that often we are missing out on what we want to strengthen the most- our shoulder stability, aka the shoulder’s ability to stay in a strong position as our arm perform’s movement.

To work on this you could try one arm overhead kettlebell (or dumbbell carries).  For this- just set the bell up overhead on one side and then try to work your arm nice and straight, while at the same time trying not to lean or let your shoulder work up towards the ear (you can see me working on all of this in the video).

One side for 45 seconds, then switch arms.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.04.47 PM

Full video here:

4.  One Leg Glute Lifts

One of the most underused (and in most need of use) muscles on our body is our glutes.  We need strong glutes for back health, for athletic power, for locomotion, and so many more purposes!  I love this one leg glute exercise because it can really help to deal with asymmetries in hip strength.  I like to put my hands on my hips and really feel if I am trying to rotate my hips or hike on hip up too high towards my ear in relation to the other hip.  Try not to push all the way up to the top, I find going about 3/4 of the way up really gets a good burn for the glutes!  Do one side for 45 seconds, then switch!  Make sure you squeeze your butt!

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.12.19 PM

Full video here:

And you are done!  After you perform each of the exercises on both sides it should have taken you 7 minutes X 3 rounds= about 25 minutes with a little rest in between each round.

I hope you got some good ideas from the exercises.  Keep finding ways to work on your weaknesses, and add variety to your movement and you will continue to get fitter, healthier and stronger!