Do you want a “Back Care” Workshop- You must vote so I know!

After the Back Care workshop I hosted at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre a few weeks back there was plenty of response for me to host an online webinar, or perhaps a longer (3 hour session) to provide an opportunity to really dive into the material.

Before I go ahead and plan an event I wanted to hear from YOU.

If you are interested in attending a 3 hour workshop on BACK CARE- specifically learning about how to move with a neutral spine, how to find and maintain good posture, and how to strengthen all the functions of your core for a stronger healthier back, then please click this link: Β LINKΒ and select the potential date in July that you could attend.

  • Β The workshop will be tailored to all levels and abilities. Β Even if you feel already fit, healthy, and injury free, come check it out and I will add to your awesome repertoireΒ of knowledge and exercises****

My plan would be to host the event at the YWCA if there is a studio space or room available, but as an alternative option it might be located at another gym, or even in an online format!

What I want to know first is that there is good interest in attending an event like this.

SO, if you are interested- please follow this link: Β ΒΒ  and make your selection.

Feel free to also post a comment below if you would prefer to do so.


In case you missed the previous 1 hour workshop, here is what we covered:

“Do you often have a sore back throughout your day or after exercise?Β  Do you have a back injury you are dealing with?Β  Do you enjoy doing sit ups in the gym in an effort to strengthen your core and get rid of stomach fat?Β  The science shows that sit ups and other flexion motions are detrimental to the spine and can lead to injuries like disc bulges.Β  It is important to work your core muscles in their true intended function- as stabilizing units during movement.Β  Come learn from Katherine her top 5 favourite core exercises for super strength in the mid section that won’t leave you with back pain or at risk for injury!”.

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