6 Week weight training Group Thursdays 12-1 pm- starts this week!

When doing bodyweight, free weight, and machine based exercises sometimes it can be the smallest change in form/technique, breathing, or awareness of which muscles are performing the motion that can Β make all the difference.

How long have you been struggling with push ups for?Β  Do you know how to brace your core, set our shoulder blades, and drive into the floor (like you are opening jars) to perform this motion? Β What about the lat pull down? Β Do you know where your lats are and how to activate them for this exercise? Β Can you make it happen!?!?
Every exercise whether you are working on a machine based leg press, a body weight lunge or push up, or a bicep curl has an optimal form and technique to not only help to prevent injuries, but help you to make better gains and progress more in the gym.
If you are a woman in Vancouver who perhaps attends fitness classes, or uses weight room machines, or is interested in learning how to lift weights then check out my 6 week program starting next Thursday at lunch hour:

This program is designed for women who want to build confidence in using the machines, free weights, and cable systems to properly lift weights and build strength.Β  Each week you will be guided through a full body workout, and provided with anΒ EbookΒ to follow along with training in between sessions.Β  The focus of the class will be on form, technique, and preparing you to create a program based on your goals.

Thursdays, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Women’s Only Aera
May 25 – Jun 29 (6 classes)

Member $156 / Non-member $192
Instructor: Katherine Taylor

Call the YWCA at 604-895-5777 to register today!

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