7 Upcoming Programs for YOU :)

Starting in the next few weeks I will be running 7 programs made especially for for people who want to participate in small group personal training.

Group Program #1:  “Building the Foundations”

Monday Mornings from 730 am- 830 am.

Starting April 24th, (skipping May 1st and 22nd).  Dates= April 24th, May 8th, May 15th, May 29th, June 5th, June 12th

Objective:  This class is all about bringing it back to the basics and learning about body optimization.  Instead of the typical class all about getting the hard workout in, getting stronger, fitter, faster, this class is designed to introduce you to the behind the scenes movements and muscles that often go overlooked in regular fitness programming, and end up as injuries.  Each week we will talk about one specific section of the body- feet, knees, hips, low back, upper back, and neck/shoulders, so by the end of the course you will be an expert in understanding how and why your body moves a certain way, and how to roll/stretch/correct the movement pattern/strengthen each area.  You will become familiar with using myofascial balls, kettlebells, pilates rings, and other tools around the gym.  This program is great for anyone with aches and pains, nagging injuries, or recreational athletes wanting to optimize their performance.

Group Program #2:   Feel the BURN!

Thursday’s from 11 am- 12 pm starting April 13th running for 6 weeks (skipping May 4th).  Dates:  April 13th, 20th, 27th, May 11th, 18th, 25th.

This class is designed for people who want a low impact, but crazy hard workout.  You are barely going to leave your mat, but I guarantee you will be dripping and sweat and you will be feeling the results for days after.  It’s going to be fun, intense, and you will feel stronger by the end of the program.  Most of these exercises are done with bodyweight and lightweights.  This class is designed to be very challenging for all levels of abilities.

Group Program #3:  Butt Kicking Personal Training (without the cost).

Friday’s from 12:15 pm- 1:15 pm starting April 14th (skipping May 5th).  * 5 weeks only  Dates:  May 14th, 21st, 28th, May 12th, 19th.

If you have always wanted a tailored workout for your body and goals, without the fee of hiring a trainer one on one, then this class is for you.  In your small group we will work with the weight machines and other equipment at the gym to build stronger, leaner, healthier, fitter bodies one week at a time.  You will get a chance to use some of the “trainer only” equipment, and also have a chance to tackle new exercises you haven’t done before, or get tips on your form and technique.  My goal would be to put people together who are of similar abilities and have similar goals- so send me an e-mail if you are interested!

For each program-  If I have 2 enrolments the fee is $46.50 each, 3 enrolments the fee is about $37.90, and 4 people is $33 per session.  To enroll you must pay in advance for 6 sessions at the given price listed based on enrolments.  Please check with me at katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com to see if there is space in the program.

More upcoming Programs:  

#1:  Women on Weights 6 Week Program:

May 9th – June 13th from  6:00 – 7:00pm

and a second at lunch time on

May 25th to June 29th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

$  156 for members.

This program is designed for women who want to build confidence in using the machines, free weights, and cable systems to properly lift weights and build strength.  Each week you will be guided through a full body workout, and provided with an Ebook to follow along with training in between sessions.  The focus of the class will be on form, technique, and preparing you to create a program based on your goals.

  •  Contact the YWCA at 604-895-5777 to enroll in this program.

#2:  Member Clinic:  Why All Women Should Lift Weights

Thursday April 27th at 5:15 pm- 6: 15 pm

By avoiding the weight room you are missing out on some key health and fitness benefits such as increasing your metabolism, building lean muscle mass, burning fat, toning your muscles, and preventing diseases like Diabetes and Osteoporosis.  Weight training also helps to create balance and stability to prevent falls and injuries, improves your posture, builds your endurance and functionality, boosts your confidence and mood, slows down the aging process, supports brain function and makes  you a stronger and faster person.  In this lecture Katherine will explain how weight training supports us in achieving an overall lean, functional, healthy body.  She will explain how to get started on a basic routine and how to tailor your weight training to your goals.  If you have wanted to start weight training, but need some added motivation- this talk is for you!

#3:  Back Health  

Thursday May 18th from 1215 pm- 115 pm.

Do you often have a sore back throughout your day or after exercise?  Do you have a back injury you are dealing with?  Do you enjoy doing sit ups in the gym in an effort to strengthen your core and get rid of stomach fat?  The science shows that sit ups and other flexion motions are detrimental to the spine and can lead to injuries like disc bulges.  It is important to work your core muscles in their true intended function- as stabilizing units during movement.  Come learn from Katherine her top 5 favourite core exercises for super strength in the mid section that won’t leave you with back pain or at risk for injury!


** All programs take place at the YWCA in Vancouver.

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