5 Inspiring Links To Get YOU Motivated!

We all have those periods of time where we are more interested in curling up and reading a good book, watching a good movie, or doing something relaxing rather than hitting the gym. We work really hard on our fitness program and endeavours and then succumb to life’s more indulgent pleasures. It happens, and it’s ok. In a way, it is good to go with the flow of what our body wants and needs- balancing the needs of our physical self (to move our bodies and stay strong and fit and healthy) with our mental health needs.

Sometimes though we fall too far over onto that indulgent side where we are neglecting our physical selves. In those periods of time we need to find something to fire up our internal motivation. Something that is going to inspire us to get outdoors and be active, hit the gym, or move our bodies. For me I find that observing others pursuits in fitness and health really inspires me. Whether it’s watching a rock climber completing a massive and tricky climb, or watching a man with Parkinson’s lose his tremors as he busts a move- I find it all inspiring and it motivates me to get active.

Just for fun today I wanted to share 5 videos with you that might inspire you to get up, get moving, take care of yourself, and enjoy the benefits of moving your body.


#1: Music Helps Parkinson’s disease:

  • Check out this video (one of many accounts of this happening) where a man who struggles to walk due to Parkinson’s transitions into a fluid two-stepper. Careful- it’s a tear jerker.
  • If movement does this for him- what is it doing for our cells and body that we can’t necessarily see or feel 🙂
  • https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/645988052240548/


#2: “She Swims with Sharks Before Breakfast”

  • Check out this video of Kim Chambers- one of the world’s best marathon swimmers and the sixth person to complete the “Oceans Seven”- 7 of the most treacherous open water swims in the world. She has also swam solo from the Farallon islands to San Fransisco, which involved swimming in the largest breeding ground of great white sharks in the world. Whether you think she’s nuts or not- her inspiration, dedication, and motivation for her sport sure is inspiring.


#3:   Ice Climber, Back country Skiing, Rock Climbing- Outdoor Adventures.

If you have access to Instagram, you should check out this account I came across this morning. Some of the videos of their outdoor adventures are INCREDIBLE. It reminds me of how when we are strong and fit and healthy we can see parts of the world that not everyone gets to see. Take a look:



#4.  Kyle Maynard- Award winning mixed martial arts athlete, climber of Mount Kilimanjaro & Aconcagua, Cross Fit athlete & gym owner, world record setting weightlifter- and did I mention QUADRUPLE AMPUTEE!

This guy is so incredibly motivating. He was born with no arms and legs, yet has gone on to accomplish more physical accomplishments then most people will in their lives. If you are looking for someone to help you smarten up your attitude and foster a little more “no excuses” spirit- then check out his website or Instagram page.




  1. Need Motivation to hit the weights? Check out Karina Baymiller.

I’ve been watching Karina for about 4 years now I believe. Her journey has been incredible- starting as an unhappy/unhealthy person, taking a challenge to get fit and healthy a little too far to the point where she was unbalanced and too focused on body image/restricting food etc. to the point now where she is a badass weightlifter with a stellar outlook on balancing food and fitness and life! She can hit some serious powerlifting weights and has got some killer awesome quads to show for it. Check out her account for motivation to stick with your weight training (and self love) routine:




ps-  If you have some motivating people you like to follow- post them in the comments below 🙂

PPS-  The cover photo is from one of my favourite hikes in the Whistler area- called Wedgemount Lake.  When I look at some of my old hiking photos it motivates me to get out there more 🙂

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