Health Presentation in Vancouver= Why All Women Should Lift Weights

Join me on Thursday January 26th at 515 pm at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre (535 Hornby Street) for one of my most popular talks: Β Top 10 reasons why all women should lift weights.

In today’s time there are an incredible number of diseases and obesity related issues prevalent in our society. Β  Also- women more than ever are wanting to look and feel physically strong. Β One of the best ways for us to maintain our complete health, lifelong healthy physical appearance, as well as age gracefully is to lift weights.

Science shows that weights are no longer just for building muscle, and the physiological effect on our hormones, blood sugar, insulin, fat, and muscle is tremendous. Β I don’t want to give too much more away- so come join my on Thursday for the presentation! Β (It’s free for YWCA members and $10 for non members).

Ps- Β Give it a try: Β Can you name 10 reasons that weights are good for your body? Β If not- I think you should come πŸ™‚

Call them at member services 604-895-5777 to reserve your spot today.

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