Fantastic Spine/Lower back Strengthener

Hey All!

Sorry about not bringing you some advice last week, I am currently attending the University of British Columbia and doing my Masters of Rehabilitation Science and last week we had a very large assignment due. ย I had less time to blog to you all then normal!

To make up for it, I’ve got a great one for you this week. ย A month or two back I attended a personal training meeting where I work, at the YWCA in Vancouver and we were shown this fantastic video to strengthen your body in a neutral spine. ย The short video is both an incredible stretch and an incredible subtle workout for all of your muscles that hold us up into proper posture.

I guarantee you are going to do this one and think two things:

  1. ย Wow! ย That was amazing.
  2. How on earth did those small simple movements feel so hard !?

I love this sequence so much because it really teaches people what a neutral spine is. ย 90 % of my day is correcting people’s spine positions that have become rounded and tucked under from sitting all day. Take a look at the photos below. ย See how in the far left photo my waistband is sitting in a nice horizontal line (representing a neutral balanced pelvis) ย In the photos on the right my waist band is tipping forward in the top photo and tipping back in the bottom photo, both of these positions represent non neutral spines and are associated with various muscle and movement dysfunctions.

This video is going to give you a clearer idea of where you are at in terms of building your neutral spine.

Give it a try, and post here to let me know how it goes.

I hope the guys from foundation training don’t mind me sharing their video. ย You can find more of their resources here: ย

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