Prehabbing & Rehabbing the Knee

I have a soft spot for knees, because for the past 10 years I’ve been struggling to get my right knee in the game!  Every time I really get into running it starts to give me a lot of trouble.  My knee injury stems from the fact that my feet and calves are weak and dysfunctional, as well as some of the small muscles in my hip are weak.  Having knee problems is super common, and most of the time (unless you were tackled in a football game) the problem stems from chronic misuse of your movement and body.

Today’s video series are 4 examples of great exercises for the hips, butt, and core that will help to strengthen muscles that are very weak for people, especially people who have a nagging aching pain in the knees.

Remember, not all exercises are good for everyone, and these exercises might not target your specific knee issue.  Also remember that for everyone it is good to strengthen the hips, butt and core muscles, so knee injury or not- give them a try!


Introduction video:

Side stepping for hip strength:

Bridge kick outs for hip/core strength :

Glute kick backs for hip/core strength:

Glute lifts for glute strength :

Let me know how they go!


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