Prehabbing & Rehabbing the Knee

I have a soft spot for knees, because for the past 10 years I’ve been struggling to get my right knee in the game! Β Every time I really get into running it starts to give me a lot of trouble. Β My knee injury stems from the fact that my feet and calves are weak and dysfunctional, as well as some of the small muscles in my hip are weak. Β Having knee problems is super common, and most of the time (unless you were tackled in a football game) the problem stems from chronic misuse of your movement and body.

Today’s video series are 4 examples of great exercises for the hips, butt, and core that will help to strengthen muscles that are very weak for people, especially people who have a nagging aching pain in the knees.

Remember, not all exercises are good for everyone, and these exercises might not target your specific knee issue. Β Also remember that for everyone it is good to strengthen the hips, butt and core muscles, so knee injury or not- give them a try!


Introduction video:

Side stepping for hip strength:

Bridge kick outs for hip/core strength :

Glute kick backs for hip/core strength:

Glute lifts for glute strength :

Let me know how they go!


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