A Recipe for Fall- Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is my favourite and always has been.  Since I’ve stopped eating meat as of a year ago I have’t made one, but last week Kyle pulled out a vegan recipe and it was fabulous!  You don’t have to be a vegan to like this recipe.  Even a big meat eater is going to enjoy this extra nutritious and delicious recipe.

Why do I want to share this recipe with you?

  •  Remind you that not EVERY meal needs to contain meat.
  • Show you how lentils can be snuck into many meals.  (Considering how nutritious lentils are I am always trying to find ways to get them in).
  • A shepherd’s pie is a perfect meal to make on the weekend and have for a few days throughout the week!
  • It’s a perfect opportunity to sneak more veggies into our day, and our week!

Just a note:

  •  This recipe uses regular potatoes, but we chose sweet potatoes for more nutrient value.
  • We didn’t use the vegan butter (just some olive oil did the trick).

Here is the recipe we followed:




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