Programs Starting Next Week & More

Women on Weights Level 1


This program is designed for women who want to build confidence in using the machines, free weights, and cable systems to properly lift weights and build strength.Β  Each week you will be guided through a full body workout, and provided with an Ebook to follow along with training in between sessions.Β  The focus of the class will be on form, technique, and preparing you to create a program based on your goals.


Dates:Β  September 20th– October 25thΒ Β 6-7 pm


Round 2: Β November 1st– December 6thΒ 6-7 pm


$150 per person- limited to 8 registrants.


Weight Lifting 2.0 (Co-Ed)

Are blog2you ready to get strong, fit, and lean?Β Β  Have you wanted to learn how to squat, deadlift, do a chin up or pull up, or do a proper bench press?Β  This 6-week class is designed for males and females to take their strength training, calorie burning, and whole body fitness to the next level.Β  Each week you will learn proper technique, followed by a challenging workout.

Dates:Β  September 20th– October 25thΒ Β 7-8 pm


Round 2: Β November 1st– December 6thΒ 7-8 pm



Β #5: Core and Posture Training.

Posture Course

blog3.pngPosture and body alignment is the basis to preventing injuries, decreasing aches and pains in the body, and getting the most out of your workouts and daily life.Β  Each individual body has developed different postural dysfunctions based on patterns, habits, sitting most of the day, footwear, moving in compromised positions, as well as many other factors.Β  Rounded shoulders, neck pain, tight muscles, and lower back pain may all be stemming from your body alignment. Β  By understanding your own postural dysfunctions you can stretch, foam roll, and strengthen yourself to an improved body position.Β  In this session you will learn about how to assess your posture, and then how to stretch and strengthen the areas you need corrected.Β  The 3-hour workshop is interactive, hands on, and very informative.


–Β  $45 for members, $50 for non members.Β 

October 15thΒ from 2-5 pm.Β Β 

Call the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre at 604-895-5777 to register for all of these programs!


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