Race Recap: Cultus Lake Sprint Triathlon May 29th 2016

After finishing the Olympic Distance Triathlon in Kelowna last weekend I decided to go back and do a short write up on my race weekend back on May 29th at Cultus Lake where I did the sprint distance triathlon. ย 

I hope you enjoy the story. ย I wrote it for family a few months back and seem to switch between third person and second person writing, don’t ask me why!

For Katherineโ€™s first triathlon Katherine and Kyle drove up to Cultus Lake and spent the weekend camping at a nice campground right on a lake, and in between two major mountain ranges. This meant their entire camping weekend was NON STOP RAIN! They spent most of their time cooking under this tarp, and reading/playing games in the back of the truck. It was a very relaxing weekendโ€ฆ.


Katherine was feeling pretty nervous before the race because the weather was SO crappy and rainy. She hadnโ€™t ridden her new road bike in the rain before and was nervous that is was going to feel slippery. She was also nervous because she has never done an open water swim with goggles on in a wet suit before! She was worried she was going to be swimming along and see a giant fish underneath her! On top of that the rain came down so hard all night there wasnโ€™t much opportunity for a good sleep.

In the end they got up in the morning and headed down to set up at the course. There are a lot of things to consider at a triathlon, so this took awhile.

Katherine decided to head down to the water and do a bit of a warm up swim to get used to the temperature.


You can see by her face sheโ€™s thinking โ€œOh boy, my feet are frozen already, what am I thinking getting into that water right now?โ€



But she went in anyways, focused and determined to get a feel for the water before the race started.



At first I couldnโ€™t put my face in the water! Too cold. It was about 14 degree Celsius.


After my warm up, the rest of the group came to join to join to get ready for our start. There were 55 racers in my race.

One of those turned around faces is me- smiling for the camera!

Bobbing blue heads getting ready to goโ€ฆ..

And there they go! 750 m swim!

Katherine came in 20th out of 55 for the swim- in 16 minutes.

Now one of the biggest challenges, running in numb feet on cold ground to the transition area!



Kyle captured me gearing up for my bike ride:

And Iโ€™m off for the 20 km bike ride!

The bike ride didnโ€™t go so well because I noticed as soon as I got on my bike that my back brake was not functioning correctly, and the slippery roads freaked me out. I lost some time here, but after some practice in the rain from now on I am sure I will do better next time.

Coming in from the bike ride and the race officials commented โ€œWow look at those big smilesโ€. I was having a great time!! The feet were EXTREMELY numb now though, making it challenging to hop off my bike and run into the transition area to get my run gear on! Next up was the run.



The 5 km run was pretty easy to get through considering these were the views I had to look at:


Here I am trucking down the final stretch to the finish! I felt really great in the race. I felt I could have pushed myself a lot harder, but didnโ€™t really know what to expect because it was my first one. ย Right near the end- 50 feet from the finish line I realized the clock was at 139:50 so I sprinted to the finish line to get in under 1:40!! You can see the funny look on my face as I realized this.

In the end I had a great time.ย ย  I was happy with my overall finish for my first race, and know I have a lot in the tank for the next one. Here is my collecting my medal for placing 3rd in my age group! ย I clearly wore my best outfit for the event…


Geared up in all my hobo looking camping gear- I clearly hadnโ€™t been expecting to have to be posing in front of the group as I got a medal! Happy to be a triathlete finisher and looking forward to the next one! ย Overall I thought my time was ok- 1 hour and 39 minutes. ย I realized I could have pushed myself a lot harder, and am looking forward to doing so in other races. ย I was happy to have this race to get used to the elements etc.



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