No Equipment? No problem! Simple- quick do anywhere workout!

Recently I was travelling in New Orleans (great trip, and very historical/fun place to visit by the way!).  While travelling I was overcoming a stomach bug that left me feeling weak.  I decided I wanted to stay moderately active in the gym to keep up my fitness as best as I could with my lower level of energy.  Unfortunately the gym was pretty crappy and had virtually no equipment for me to use!

I reminded myself that consistency in exercises is better than doing anything intense, or fancy, or specific.  I came up with a few routines I could do in their simple gym.  I was inspired to write this blog for you today to keep you active on days you can’t make it to the gym, have no equipment to use, or are travelling!

So here is my routine for you:

  1.  Start with a 5-10 minute dynamic warm up to get the body ready to move!  If you need some ideas check out this blog:
  2. Next:  set a timer that will go off every 1 minute.  Your aim is to do each of the following exercises for 1 minute and get as many reps as you can done in each minute!
  3. You could repeat this circuit 1-3 times depending on how much time you have, and how hard you feel like working that day!  Take a few minute break in between each circuit
  •  Keep in mind- you may need to take rest, so do so as needed and then start right up again to keep working hard for your full minute of each exercise!

Exercise #1:

Squats!  Keep your core tight, and drive up to standing by using your hamstrings and glutes!!


Next:  Lunges!!  Do 1 minute with the right leg in front, and 1 minute with the left in front!    Careful that you take a big enough step, your hips stay even facing forward, and drop your hips straight down and up.


Next:  Glute bridges.  First, engage your core and then drive your hips us using your glutes and hamstrings- don’t push with your lower back!


Next:  Side plank (from knees or toes) hold for one minute!


Next:  Dead bug.  The purpose here is to hold a good spine, and your abs super strong.  As you drop the limbs don’t lose the tension in your core.  You should be feeling the abs by the end of this!  Straighten your legs to make it harder.


Next:  Mountain climbers.  From a high plank position slowly draw one knee under your body at a time.  Watch you don’t bounce the hips up and down.  Keep it controlled and keep your core stable.  Push strong into your wrists and engage your upper back.  Don’t touch your knee or toe to the floor.



Finally:  Push ups.  You can do these from your knees or toes.  Try to get your chest all the way to the ground for better form, and more muscle activation!IMG_2132IMG_2131

If you move quick and get a lot of reps in this workout should be challenging.  If you need harder or easier exercises- let me know.  And as always- have fun with it 🙂

PS-  these photos were taken at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre for my beginner’s guide to weight lifting, and my women’s weight lifting program at the YWCA.  If you’d like to purchase the guide for $10 you can find the link here:


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