Upcoming Posture and Core Workshop

June 4th 2016- this Saturday from 2-5 pm at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre I am hosting my core and posture workshop.


People that will benefit the most are:

– ย Office workers

– Recreational athletes

– People with neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain.

– People who are interested in how their body alignment is affecting their overall health, aches and pains, functional abilities.

In this 3 hour workshop you get to:

  • ย Screen your posture on an individual basis to get an idea of how and why you can improve your alignment.
  • Learn about ergonomics at the workplace and how to adjust them for better posture, more efficiency, and more comfort at work.
  • Go through a series of exercises, stretches, and foam rolling drills to improve posture.
  • Finish with a total breakdown of your core muscles, what they are, what they do, and how to actually work them in the gym for functional benefits. ย 

I’ve blogged frequently on the importance of posture and why it’s so important and fundamental and the basis for most everything in your life. ย But let me give you a few more reasons to entice you to come out on Saturday!

  1. ย When your shoulders aren’t lined up well then lifting, raising, carrying, and sitting straight is hard to do, leads to injuries or pain. ย Tight neck muscles and pain into the back of your head? ย This is dysfunctional! ย Come learn how to release that and strengthen the opposite muscles to prevent further issue.
  2. MOST PEOPLE TUCK THEIR BUTT. ย What do I mean by that? ย In simple terms most people scoop their pelvis under rather than arching their lower back enough. ย A tucked butt= serious back problems. ย Serious spine/back problems= whole variety of other issues. ย Don’t know what I mean by a tucked butt/pelvis- you’ve got to join me on Saturday!
  3. Walking with your toes turned way out? ย You are creating muscle imbalances, and losing force from some of your strongest muscles. ย Come and learn how the small movements of your body can have a huge impact on your overall abilities!

If you don’t mind passing this along to a fellow coworker, friend, or spouse of yours who is looking to optimize their body function and learn more about how they can prevent injury I would really appreciate it!

I am really passionate about teaching people about how their bodies work. ย Growing up we are never taught how to take care of our physical selves besides being told to exercise. ย In this workshop I want to jump start your learning so you can feel in your best physical shape and health. ย 


Here is the description from the YWCA website:


Learn what happens to your muscles, tissues and joints when you ย move with poor posture or sit all day. You will learn a series of exercises, stretches, and foam rolling drills to counteract the postural irregularities. Youโ€™ll also get more functional and effective ways to train your core unit. Please wear fitness clothes and be ready to moveย 

Saturday, Jun 4 |ย 2 ย -5 pmย 
Member $45 / Non-member $50
Instructor: Katherine Taylorย 

Call them at 604-895-5777 to sign up today!


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