A message to anyone who wants to hire me for weight loss..

Good Evening!  I have another video for you today – I hope it helps you.

I work with a few people to lose weight, but it is definitely not part of my messaging to attract people who want to make weight loss their priority.  Do I have a few reasons for this?  Yes..

But most of all my reason is that working out with a trainer in the gym isn’t the first priority you should make when trying to lose weight!

There are so many other factors that influence your weight more than how hard you push in the gym.  Because of this I decided to film a little video for you today.  In the video I break down the top 6 things I think people need to consider before hiring a trainer for weight loss.

Could a trainer support you in making these 6 changes?  YEP!  But don’t expect just to bust your ass in the gym with a trainer 1-2 days a week and see major weight loss.  There are a few more variables to take care of.

Here’s the video:


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