Katherine’s Rules for Weight Lifting


It’s a busy this week with a full client load and multiple ergonomic assessments at workstations throughout Vancouver, which means I have just a quick blog for you today!  It’s simply written- but contains a lot of value if you really focus on what each point means.  Take a second and ask yourself if you’ve covered all these points in terms of planning your workouts!

  1. Know why you are choosing a certain exercise for your workout program.
  2. Know what muscles are supposed to be engaging while you do the movement, and engage them!
  3. Find your 4 points of posture before each and every repetition of the exercise.
  4. Inhale and engage your core before the movement, exhale as you perform the movement.
  5. Ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  6. PAIN is not normal. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain is no good, we need to figure out why you are getting pain.
  7. Mobility needs to come before strength. If you don’t have the mobility to perform an exercise, like a squat for example, you will injure yourself while trying to do it.
  8. Get the form and technique correct and then increase the weight appropriately. Using light weights forever (5-10 pounds) is going to get you nowhere in terms of getting stronger and getting the benefits you want.
  9. Warm up and cool down, and eat after your workout.   Without doing all of these things you will end up with limited results.

Make sense?


  •  Katherine

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