Recent social media posts: core stability, balance,yoga arm balances, upcoming programs, and talks on myofascial release.

Good morning!

For all of you out there who don’t have me on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, once in awhile I post to my blog some important recent posts to my social media that I don’t want you to miss out on!  So here they are:


Last day to register for my Women on Weights Level 2 course. In this course I teach your the best “bang for your buck” exercises. Exercises that work plenty of muscles at once. Exercises that let you spend less time in the gym but still work your body in a challenging manor.
Always wanted to do a chin up? This class is for you.

Always wanted to build a stronger, firmer butt? This class is for you.

Want to build a strong core without doing a million sit ups a day? This class is for you.

Are you looking to join a bootcamp class, crossfit class, or starting training for an athletic event (running, cycling, tough mudder) ? Then it is important to first build a strong foundation of strength with good form and technique so that you can enjoy these classes and activities injury free.
Start with the basics, learn good form, muscle activation and breathing. Learn how to program these exercises for you to get stronger, leaner, fitter over time.
Program starts Tuesday April 12th 6-7 pm at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre. $186 for non members, $150 for members.

I hope to see you there! Let’s get stronger together 🙂


Presenting about myofascial release to a group of 40 group fitness instructors and personal trainers today at the #ywcahealthandfitnesscentre. Pleased to be spreading

the valIMG_2641ue and benefits of this newer science and excited that a new group of fitness pros will be able to educate their classes and clients about proper use of these tools. Very grateful for another opportunity to present, educate, share, and learn, and I am looking forward to more opportunities to share. I loved the other presentations that day including topics on nutrition, law of attraction, barre method classes, exercise form and technique and spin classes!


Try out this balance and stability exercise:

It seems like such a simple exercise, but can be very challenging if you’ve lost hip stability, balance, and control of your core muscles. I love this exercise for all my clients (with varying degrees of difficulty) because it trains the small hip stabilizers, the large glute and hamstring muscles, and the deep core stabilizers. To do this correctly make sure your hips point down to the floor evenly, you back toe should be pointing to the ground. Ensure your shoulders are square to the front (body in a straight line). This exercise is more effectively done slowly and in no/ minimal shoes. Avoid allowing your toes to be pointed out to the side or your knee to cave in (these are compensations). Don’t lose your balance as you age! It’s one of the primary reasons seniors end up hospitalized… Filmed at in Kitsilano


Want to see me do a crazy arm balance?

And one time in a yoga class…. The teacher said put your knee on your elbow and take your other foot off the ground, do a low push up and hold. And I loved it! Sure, I like weight lifting but anything challenging by using just my body I always find super fun. It’s also fun to try new things once in awhile and see how far you have come in terms of strength or other performance based goals. I love performance based goals because they keep me motivated to keep variety in my routines, keep me dedicated to fitness on a daily basis, and they are super rewarding as I keep checking them off. Do you have fitness performance based goals? How do you like to have fun in the gym? Do you get as excited about bodyweight training as I do? What other arm balances do you do that I should try? (Tag me in them and I’ll try them). Don’t forget to take fun movement breaks today in between your sitting!


What a great view to be looking over as I deliver today’s lunch and learn. Speaking again to IMG_2570a group of accountants about desk fitness: staying moving, stretching, exercising and rolling in their workday. I feel very privileged to have made a career out of teaching people how to take better care of their bodies. I like to make the analogy of our bodies compared to a motor vehicle. Our bodies need regular maintenance to stay functioning well or it’s going to break down in some way! Very often we end up with pain or issues and aren’t sure where they came from or how to get rid of them. That’s what my mission is in life! Teach people about their bodies, how to take care of them (on your own without running for help to a million practitioners) and how to keep them feeling good. Take some time today to give your body the attention and care it wants and needs!


Do you spend some time in your workout program focussing on the small muscles? How is your hip and core stability? Do you have lower back pain? Do you notice one side of your hips or core is stronger than the other? Try this exercise by setting up with a good spine on the roller (head, upper back, tail bone touching, small curve in lower back). Take a deep inhale and engage all your deep abdominal muscles. Slowly lift one leg off the ground at a time. The slower the better. Can you stabilize equally on each side?

Here’s the video:

If this isn’t an easy exercise for you you can and should spend time practicing this exercise, as well as other pelvic/hip/core stability exercises. Lack of stability in the hips and core often leads to low back pain because the muscles that should be stabilizing the spine are too weak and are allowing the low back to move too much- when it should be staying stable. Each persons body needs some preventative maintenance and corrective exercises to battle years of movement dysfunction!


Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.32.47 AMWhen I work from home I take lots of sitting breaks- and often find myself in crazy yoga poses and headstands! It keeps the blood flowing and decreases my risk for a variety of diseases.
Sitting has been shown to be an independent risk for death, regardless of how much you go to the gym and do your formal exercise. Researchers are showing that even hitting the gym for an hour a day, but spending the rest of your day sitting leads to a drastic increase of all cause mortality.
I want to inspire you to think critically about the time you spend sitting, and find ways to decrease sitting time and increase fun/moving time! I will give you 5 simple ways to add more movement into your day to day, as well as I attempt to dive into a concept I learned from Katy Bowman about the importance of moving in as many ways as possible- movement geometry.

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