Hey I published a book on Weight Lifting :)

I’m an author!  That’s kind of a cool thing to say, although to be honest, it’s pretty easy to publish a book online nowadays, you’ve just got to write it!!  Amazon made it very easy for me to publish my beginner’s weight lifting guide!

**just a side note.  Purchase the book by the end of the day Friday March 4th to get the most recent updated version.  Purchasing it before 5 pm will not reflect the most edited copy 😊

My guide is intended to teach beginner’s how to use basic machines, free weight exercises, and cable machines.  I also include a ton of visuals and detailed descriptions for each exercise.

The book is 50 pages and also includes details on how to warm up, foam roll, and cool down effectively.

The guideline of the book is structured as a 6 week learn to lift weights program where I walk you through exactly what to do over 6 weeks to teach yourself the basic lifts.  It was designed as part of the Women Weight Lifting class I run at the YWCA Health and Fitness Centre.  I decided to publish the book online for any of my blog readers who don’t live in Vancouver and can’t get access to the information.

I talk about breathing properly, form and technique, getting the most from your workout, and how to structure your program once you are done the 6 week learning to lift phase.

Here is the link to the book, which I am selling for $9.99.



Take a look yourself, or pass it on to someone who may be looking to start weight lifting at their gym, but have NO clue what to be doing 🙂


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