Learn how to use a Foam Roller and Myofascial Ball!


Mark your calendars 🙂  I have another exciting program coming up on

March 12th 2016 from 10 am – 12 pm.

And the workshop is all about FOAM ROLLING!  What are these giant foam rollers that people roll around on in the gym, and why are some people sticking tennis balls into other muscles?  Maybe you’ve seen other people do it so you’ve started copying them, or perhaps you’ve watched a youtube video and picked up a few tips to get started.  Now it’s time to learn WHY and HOW to properly foam roll your body!

Some of the tremendous benefits foam rolling provides to our body include:

  •  Improved blood flow to muscles, improving muscle recovery.
  • Improved fascia mobility, thereby increase our flexibility and range of motion.
  • Stress relieving benefits
  • The ability to decrease aches, pains, and headaches immediately in certain muscle groups.
  • The perfect preparation and cool down/recovery for your body.


** This is among MANY other topics I will discuss in my workshop.


But more importantly than understanding what foam rolling is- we will also learn how to do it properly and EFFECTIVELY!  I see so many people just rolling away on the craziest spikiest foam rollers- without a true understanding of where and how to place the roller for maximum benefit.  (A little hint- tremendous pain is not a sign you are doing something right :)).  


Primarily I will focus on the neck/chest/upper back region to improve overhead mobility, posture, and decrease aches and pains associated with our desk sitting culture.


I will also focus on the hips, quads, and calves for posture improvement, increase range of motion, and better biomechanics during activities such as cycling, running, weight lifting, and just plain walking!

I am so confident you will love the workshop that I am going to offer a guarantee.  If you come, and don’t get your full money’s worth I will give you back your $40 after the workshop!  How’s that for a deal?


Anyways- The workshop is at:

Rhodes Wellness College (1125 Howe Street, downtown Vancouver).

March 12th 10 am- 12 pm.


You can register here:  https://foam-rolling.eventbrite.ca


And for all you super sweet, helpful people out there.  If you know anyone who would benefit from learning these foam rolling techniques to support their body- please don’t forget to pass this link onto them!


Thanks a bunch, see you there!


  •  Katherine

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