Training for fat loss, tasty snack recipes, simple breakfasts and more!

Here are the latest posts from my social media feed that I feel will benefit and improve your health!

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  1. Β This recipe was a fantastic way to make a nice condensed snack to transport to work each day! Β You could look into Rich Roll’s book the plantpowered way for this exact recipe, but basically the concept is to combine dates with crushed nuts, various seeds, cacao and some sweetener. Β Roll it up in a ball and roll the ball in hemp seeds! Β Super delicious.

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2) Β Easy breakfast idea! Β Start with a chia pudding base (combine coconut milk with chia seeds in the fridge to let it make a pudding consistency). Β Then when morning comes around load up various fruits and nuts in the bowl to make a super food packed breakfast!

Thanks@the_holistic_rn for the easy, quick, delicious, filling breakfast idea. This chia pudding tasted like ice cream layered with delicious fruits and nuts. I love how I can prepare most of it on the weekend. Check out her profile for the whole recipe 😊#healthy #breakfast #easybreakfastidea#vegan #nutsandseeds #fruits#antioxidants #simple #breakfasttogo#chiapudding


3) Β Here is another very easy read on why going to the gym isn’t the be all end all in terms of losing weight and keeping it. Β  Don’t overlook the power of moving more!

—> Β Think going to the gym is the only way to burn calories and lose weight? Think again! This study demonstrates that between self proclaimed ‘couch potatoes’ aka non exercisers, the ones that naturally moved more throughout the day burned roughly 365 more calories per day than those who ‘moved’ less. Find more ways to move throughout your day and you can burn just as many calories as an average person is going to the gym for 30-60 minutes. (Good news for those days when you can’t manage to fit a proper workout in).

PS– This is just one of the tips I will present on Feb 9th at 515 at the YWCA Health + Fitness in my presentation on how to make your weight loss sustainable this year! Join me smile emoticon


4) Β Looking for a totally detailed plan about how to combine your strength training with cardio for optimal fat loss. Β Look no further than this article:

Fantastic detailed article about how to use strength training, high intensity cardio, and moderate cardio for fat loss (while also focussing on nutrition).

Exactly the program I have set for you to learn about on Feb 9th at 515 at my talk at the YWCA. Make fat loss happen- and sustainable!…/

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