“In the News” This week

I decided to share with you my top posts on social media from the past week. Β Maybe you will find some value in one of the topics I talk about (I hope so!).


So pumped to have these two new cook books in our home! I’ve been making their recipes from what I could find online since the summer, and am so excited to try every recipe in both these books. So far the big hIMG_1979 (1)its from the Oh She Glows cookbook was the breakfast oatmeal bake (I don’t have the proper name in front of me) the blueberry mini cheesecakes, the man seared garlic tofu, the marinated button mushrooms, and the enchiladas! Favo
urites from the Plant Power Way have been the potato salad and the kids mac and cheese! Looking forward to making the pad thai tonight. If you are looking for some simple, delicious, crowd pleasing vegan recipes I highly recommend both these books. I never used to be excited about cooking when I was cooking meat because I SUCK
ED at cooking meat (always overcooked), I hated handling it raw, and something about it didn’t jive with me. These plant based recipes actually excite me, which means more cooking, and less work for my hubby (he’s the cook in the household).


On January 24th I am going to do a fun run called the Chilly Chase here in Vancouver. I haven’t run steadily in many years as I’ve chosen to do other cardio activities, so I am in the midst of some preparations for the race! I can already run 5 km no problem, but I want to run it fast, and without causing any injuries or pain in my body. I’d like to share some of the things I am doing over the next couple weeks to ensure I am ready to run, and run fast on that day!
For me, this means a lot of hip flexor and quad stretching/mobilizing/warming up, a lot of glute medius and maximus strengthening, a lot of core wIMG_1987ork, stability in hip extension exercises, calf and foot stretching and mobility. The purpose of today’s workout was to challenge the glutes/hamstrings/low back strength and stability, stability of the inner thigh, and upper body push/pull exercises. Give it a try if you are looking to focus on similar areas. Today’s cross training workout to balance the running looked like this:

1. 10 minute roll/warm up.

2. Kettlebell swing, snatch, and overhead squat 5 X each side X 3
2. One leg deadlifts with medicine ball. 10 a side X 3.
3. Diamond push ups. 10 X 3

4. Supine kettlebell pullovers X 10 X 3
5. Hamstring glute curls with stability ball X 10 X 3.
6. One leg side plank (top leg only). X 20 seconds X 3.
7. One leg hamstring glute stability on ball X 5 rounds X 3 (I probably need to put up a video to explain this one). 8. 5 banded pull ups + 5 banded chin ups X 3.
9. Overhead barbell press X 8-10 X 3 —


This is my “I’m a teacher look” πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I start a 4 week project teaching my Posture Fit program for Rhodes WIMG_1989ellness College as part of their Physical Wellness Program. I am extremely grateful for another opportunity to share this valuable information. I know that these students will have an opportunity to observe and improve their own posture,Β and pass on the information they learn to their future clients as life/lifestyle coaches. Posture is the underlying link between how your body works, moves, and thereforeΒ lives! This course is all about self management. I will be giving them the tools to improve and maintain posture for a pain free optimal life!
Teaching at Rhodes is one more opportunity to grow my skills as a teacher. I know down the line the ultimate goal is some permanent position as a teacher, and at least on the way I continue to find opportunities to teach to different groups and demographics to find out what best works for me. Sometimes on your way to a goal life isn’t like a step ladder, but instead like a snakes and ladder board. You climb up ladders, slide down snakes, but eventually make it to the end goal- whatever feels most right! Keep snaking and climbing πŸ™‚ #vancouver #teacher
Wow!! I highly recommend t
IMG_1997he restaurant MEET on main and 27th for absolutely delicious vegan comfort food. I’ve been wanting to try a vegan spinach dip forever and they got it bang on! I also had some ‘ish and chips (delicious mix of tofu and nori) and Kyle had a burger so tasty that we actually sat there staring at the patty wondering how the heck they got it to taste so good and look like a ‘regular’ burger! All menu items are vegan and gluten free 😊.

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