I’ll do it if you do it- Join me for a race in 2016?

So I am sitting here googling various races and adventure races in BC next year.  I’ve always loved challenges and training goals.  In the past I ran a marathon in Hawaii, a 10 km race in Iceland, various 5-21 km races around North America, I cycled as part of a team across our country, and I trained and travelled to Brazil to run a half marathon (before getting massive food poisoning the night before the race and not being able to run!).

Needless to say, I love challenge, I love adventure, I like having something to train for, and I like trying new things.

I have been very inspired this year by various other fitness pros tackling goals.  Specifically I watched Scott Jurek (who set a speed record on the Apalachian Trail this summer), The Iron Cowboy (who dod 50 triathlons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days), I’ve watched various women train for power lifting meets, and I’ve met various people who have competed in the Gran Fondo and obstacle course races.  And I’ve been asking myself- what’s my next adventure and challenge going to be?

I really can’t decide which event I shall tackle- and I think I might have to end up doing more than one.

BUT- I want to put it out there- is anyone interested in joining?

I am always interested in finding ways to further motivate, inspire, and encourage physical activity- and also to make it fun.

If you have ever thought about participating in a race, why not join me next year?  We can support each other as a group to stay true to our training goals, and celebrate the completion of the race together.

If you are interested, here are some events I am thinking about (and will most likely put a team together for a couple of them).

  •  Chilly Chase- January 24th 2016- 5 km race  http://www.tryevents.ca/try_events_vancouver_chilly_chase.htm
  • Fort Langley History Half- February 21st 2016 (10 km race)
  • Run for Water- May 2016- Half marathon
  • Tough Mudder Whistler- June 18th- https://toughmudder.com/events/2016-whistler
  • Shawnigan Lake Triathlon- May 29th 2016
  • Saturday September 10th- Gran Fondo- Whistler (122 km bike race)

I send this now, in a state of excitement, knowing that if I think too much about any of this it might not happen (I’ve been wanting to do all these races for years).  So are you with me?  Let’s sign up together, and commit, and have a fantastic 2016 year of fitness and health.


PS- The objective is not to race together.  No matter what pace or fitness level you are at, I hope you join me.  We can all work up to our best personal level of performance on that day- together!


Who’s with me?



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