An introduction to your most important ‘ab’ muscles.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forget about my next series of blogs on how to get ready to run, as well as the blogs about my two recent dramatic health changes- they are still on their way ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Stay tuned!

But for today…

Today we talk about abs! ย Yay! ย But not those sexy, six pack abs. ย Instead we talk about the abs that body nerds and injury prevention freaks like me are obsessed with- the Transverse abs!

The transverse abs are part of the lower part of your front, lower core cylinder. ย They are crucial for power generation, injury prevention, balance, stability, movement, and motion!

I won’t give the videos away in this blog. ย You can watch them here:

Part 1: ย The anatomy of our Transverse abdominals, and why they are important, and what happens when they are weak.


Part 2: ย How to find the TA muscles, use them, and a little bit more about why they are so functional and important.


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