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I realize that many of you who follow my blog might not also have me on any of my social media’s.  Although I post my blog once a week I post on social media numerous times per week.  I thought today I would share with you some of my instagram and facebook posts with you.  I think they will provide you with some value!  Let me know if they help.



The photo is an example of PAIRING. I got the idea of pairing while listening to Gretchen Rubin’s book called Better Than Before. Her book is all about habits and how learning about your habit style can help you form habits! My blog this week is about making exercise a consistent habit. This is one of the questions I get most often from people as a health and fitness coach. In my blog I explore how you can improve your consistency and accountability to exercise long term, and more ideas of using the concept of Pairing with exercise. Pairing effectively means combining one habit that you are looking to build with a habit you are already doing consistently. Check out the blog from my bio for more details. The photo here is an example of Pairing. On Sunday’s my boyfriend Kyle and I always pair our date day with some exercise. Most often the exercise is hiking, other time’s it’s walking, tennis, or cycling. In this photo we are hiking down from the chief in Squamish last winter! Such a fun hike with some scrambly portions near the top (hence the use of the chains on the way down), finishing with a beautiful view overlooking Squamish and the surrounding area. I hope if you are ever in the Vancouver area you get to try it.


I absolutely love the memory this picture brings back for me. I was on a week long course learning outdoor rock climbing in the Grampians (mountain range near Melbourne Australia). Here I am about to abseil down a shear rock face about 150 feet off the ground. As you can see by my tears and red face I am terrified (and spent a lot of the week feeling terrified). I remember feeling so proud at the end of the week for how many fears I had to face, and how much support I received to push myself and try all these crazy new things. “Feeling the fear and doing it anyways” has somehow become a really important and empowering motto for me in my life. Tonight I go indoor rock climbing with some new friends. I am looking forward to feeling scared, facing fears, trusting others, and supporting my new high school buddy that I will be climbing with. What’s scares you? What are you looking to overcome in your life? How can you get out of your comfort zone today? I believe every time you face yourself and that little voice in your head trying to hold you back you get stronger, smarter, empowered and unstoppable!!! Also- I think that sometimes people struggle to stay active because they get bored of the same old things. I can’t imagine getting bored with exercise when I know there are so many activities like rock climbing waiting for me everyday! Are you doing something active this week that Is out of your normal routine?


Recently I listened to a Rich Roll podcast featuring a doctor named Dr Robynne Chutkan. The topic of the podcast was about how over sanitizing and overuse of antibiotics (all beyond what we need to have a clean and safe environment in developed countries like in North America) has contributed to dysfunctional gut bacteria. In each of our ‘guts’ we hold millions and millions of bacteria that naturally ward off disease and keep us healthy. This podcast is full of information about how we’ve destroyed so much of this good bacteria, and also some great tips on how to build it back up again. One of the simple tips in the podcast that has stuck with me is a small strategy to eat more vegetables. Robynne say’s she and her family follow the 1,2,3 rule. 1 vegetable with breakfast, 2 with lunch, 3 with dinner. I thought I ate a lot of vegetables until I realized how much more you get in when you ensure you include some in all meals. Today I was packing some leftovers for lunch and realized that just throwing it in a bed of lettuce would only meet 1 vegetable requirement! It’s a fun and simple way to get in more of the most nutritious foods on the planet- veggies! I think it would also be a great rule for kids to have fun with and get creative with when preparing meals as a family. Check out her book and podcast for more tips.


This morning I was listening to another Rich Roll podcast. He interviewed guest Marco Borge’s. Marco was describing many of his entrepreneurial endeavors in the fitness world and explained how he had quit his pursuit of a medical degree because he felt it was more ‘reactive’ than ‘proactive’, which is true. Rather than focusing on treating diseases as they come, Marco wanted to prevent and eliminate diseases before they happen. Throughout my University education I also made a similar decision!
I believe as a society our people are more reactive than proactive. Many people are living a lifestyle or making choices that do and will lead to disease, while at the same time hoping they don’t actually get diagnosed with anything. I’m so curious about the psychology behind why we are so much more reactive than we are proactive, especially when it comes to health.
I also realize that being proactive lives in my cells, my bones, my DNA, my everything. This is where I get my passion for helping others. It’s up to me to help inspire change and a preventative commitment to health, in order to decrease the rising rates of most diseases in our country.
Is there one thing you know you are doing regularly that is bad for your health and you could become proactive TODAY to building a better habit? Share with me some of the changes you are making!
There is so much science behind how your lifestyle choices contribute to disease states, AND there are so many fabulous researchers, bloggers, podcasts, and authors on these topics. Hope on the education train today and get proactive! Educate yourself about how Type 2 Diabetes is preventable and manageable, or how to prevent and manage high blood pressure, or even how certain mood disorders can be positively affected by good lifestyle changes. (Among others!!).
PS- Vitamins and minerals (via eating lots of vegetables) and fresh clean water are some of the best ways to be PROACTIVE about your health!

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