5 Articles I read this week that you absolutely MUST read

This week I want to share with you some Impressive articles from the social media land.  I’ve been inspired by all of these articles on a micro and macro level in my life, and I think you will be too.  Maybe also a little bit educational as well!  I hope the help you on whatever path you are roaming on…

Why you are training hard, but not seeing results:


How Kinesiologists Serve the Public:


Tell me you don’t read this one and think you should be standing up for your own beliefs a little more firmly… (To have that type of curiosity, intelligence, and passion at 14 tells me this girl will go somewhere with her life).


Need inspiration to make a huge change in your life?  Trust that everything will be ok?  Follow your passion?  Here’s an old article from one of my idol’s.


Want to know more about global warming and the effect on/from livestock, water, land etc.  


PS the cover photo for this blog is a buffalo (one of the 100’s) we saw on our recent trip to Yellowstone National Park.   Thought maybe it would at least maybe make you laugh, and maybe get you inspired to get your travelling cap on soon too!  Get out and explore 🙂

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