Women On Weights Level 2- Starting November 10th (6 week program on Tuesday night)

  •  Are you ready to take your weight training to the next level and move beyond isolating your muscle groups into exercises that work the entire body?
  • Are you ready to become strong, fit, and healthy in shorter workouts, and less workouts per week?
  • Do you want to learn about how to workout using movement patterns, rather than weight machines and free weights?
  • Have you ever wondered how some women can become so incredibly strong, and look incredibly fit?
  • Are you looking to make a major change in your body image and want to learn how to actually build muscle?
  • Are you looking to build a solid level of core and glute strength to prevent injury in the body?
  • Have you been lifting weights steadily for a few years, or have a good level of awareness around key weight lifting concepts, but want to learn more?

Why Do I offer this program?

After my Women on Weights Level 1 program each season I offer a LEVEL 2.  Here are my reasons:

  •  The only way to get strong, fit, athletic, and make major changes in your body is by moving away from isolated exercises (bicep curls, planks and leg extensions) and move into MAJOR compound exercises for the whole body (squats, deadlifts etc.)
  • I know the functional benefit of exercising using the 6 main movement patterns,as opposed to doing an isolated exercise over and over (tricep extensions as an example).  These benefits including building coordination, teaching all the muscles in the body to work together.   Building transferable strength to other activities and daily life.  Focussing on getting strong all over rather than in one particular muscle group.  Spending less time in the gym!
  • I realize I never use a machine (other than leg press), and rarely do I ever do the exercises I promote in Level1.  This is because Level 1 is meant to be a stepping stone.  A stepping stone for a basic weight routine that you can do on your own for a short period of time before moving up to more advanced exercises that will bring you results in whatever you are striving for.
  • If you can’t squat, deadlift, push and pull properly and understand the basic functions of your core muscles you will injure yourself in daily life.  This may happen while lifting something heavy from the floor, carrying a bunch of groceries home, squatting to get in the back of a cupboard, or reaching over your head to change a light bulb or scrub the walls!  Isolated free weight and machine based exercises are not going to support you in moving well.  I want you to move well, and stay injury free, so join me in level 2!
  • You want to get lean? Lean means you have a low body fat percentage and high muscle mass percentage.  Sometimes people like to use the word ‘toned’ to describe a lean body.  Being lean means decreasing body fat while building an appropriate level of muscle (you will not bulk up, you will not get bigger with this program if you do it correctly, so please don’t use that as an excuse).  You need to do these lifts if you want to simultaneously burn fat, and build muscle, as part of an entire workout program that I will provide for you.

The program is 6 weeks.  Each week we learn a new movement pattern (squat, deadlift, row, push, press, and functions of the core).  We spend a brief period of time learning and practicing the technique, followed by a challenging workout after.  You will be sore the next day, you will work muscles you haven’t worked in awhile 🙂

The classes start on Nov 10th and run until December 15th, every Tuesday night from 6-7 pm.  Group numbers are capped at 8 to keep it small, and individualized, and hands on.

Call member services at the YWCA if you would like to enrol:  604-895-5777.  $150 for members, $186 for non members.

Hope to see you there!

Pass this on to any women you know who are looking to learn about strength training in a fun and engaging environment!

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