Client Spotlight- Sheena Mitchell!

I would like to congratulate my first ever client of the month, Sheena Mitchell!  Sheena has been training with me for over two years now.  Her training results and progress are a great reward for the hard work she has put in over those few years.

I’d like to start giving an occasional spotlight to clients who have put forth tremendous effort and progress in their journey to better health and fitness.  My purpose is to express in an online platform their accomplishments so they can feel proud about what they have achieved, but also to inspire others to keep motivated toward their fitness goals, and to get an idea of all the ways physical training can support you as a human being!
Here’s to Sheena:
One of the biggest things I would like to congratulate Sheena on is her commitment and dedication to training.  I could name maybe one last minute missed session that Sheena has missed in our entire training time.  Besides a few weeks holidays a year Sheena is up bright and early with me for 630 am sessions twice a week!
One of the biggest improvements I have seen in Sheena is her lifting technique.  In the early days of training Sheena often complained of sore shoulders, specifically from lifting a heavy bag all day.  With years of mobility work, chiropractic, and practising proper lifting Sheena can now lift 80 pounds off the ground no problem.  She is progressing by 5 pounds each week as we ensure she lifts with proper technique, a straight spine, and has no pain afterwards.
Another improvement for Sheena was when we decided she should start seeing a Chiropractor.  He Chiro was fantastic in sorting out some range of motion issues in Sheena‘s supper body so that we could do more in the gym!  Around that time we also spent a few months solely doing upper back exercises and stopped chest exercises.  This had a great effect on Sheena‘a upper body issues.
Recently Sheena started back squatting with the barbell!  It was a very exciting day for me as a trainer because we had been working on mobility, technique, and strength for years!  It was nice to see that come to fruition in a solid back squat.  Squatting is a fantastic glute exercise, and I know it will support Sheena in standing taller, feeling faster and stronger, and running faster!
I am also very proud of Sheena‘a improvement in her lat pull down.  She is able to isolate the proper muscles now and is improving her strength week by week.
As we have moved from beginning stages of training including isolated exercises to more functional whole body exercises Sheena has started to develop whole body power.  She is a natural born endurance person, so it’s nice to see us develop some speed within her strength as well.
I don’t think at the beginning Sheena thought I would have her hanging from bars, pulling herself off the ground in inverted rows, or eventually getting a nice solid side plank, but she has! Her planks have doubled in time, and are improving weekly.  I also don’t think Sheena ever thought I’d have her running laps of the stairs with a weighted vest on, but she’s doing it, and doing a great job while she’s at it!
Sheena not only attends every training session with energy and commitment but she has also attended my core and posture workshop two times.  She told me she learned valuable information that demonstrated how her stretching and strengthening for posture is applicable to real life 😊.
As we continue training we will be working on continued upper back strength- working on a chin up some day!, stretching out and mobilizing the calves and lower legs to prevent Achilles pain and tightness, continually practicing hip extension to develop core and glute strength.  We will continue to monitorSheena‘s increase in strength, power, and stamina on a weekly basis.  As a side project I am also passionate about educating Sheena on how to continue to stretch and mobilize her front body so we can get a straighter arm position and better her wrist flexibility so this doesn’t cause issues down the road.  It is very common for people who have to do a lot of desk sitting and typing in their day to only be moving their arms and wrists in one range of motion.  Our mobility work at the start of our sessions will begin to open up those tissues again so they can move in a variety of healthy ranges of motion.
Sheena finds that she has a stress-filled occupation (corporate/finance lawyer) and  that working out with Katherine keeps me more relaxed, more focused and enables me to be more productive with my work.  After each early morning personal training session with Katherine I look forward to having more energy and less stress throughout the day. 
Awesome work Sheena!  Thanks for inspiring us all to stay committed and active.  There might be a little treat in store for you for all your hard work.
–  Katherine

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