If you have an issue- stay OPEN and FIND a way to solve it.

I am a huge advocate that there is always a solution to a symptom, ache or pain, or health issue we are experiencing.  I know this is my opinion, and many may disagree, but I choose to live from the place of “Just keep trying things until something works”.  I like to stay optimistic, and assume that there is always something more to learn about and to try.  I love the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know”.  In many cases, we simply don’t know what is going to support us to better health, and unless we put in the effort to research, chat with various health professionals, speak with others who have a similar condition to us, we may never find it!

It’s always upsetting to hear that someone feels stuck with a health condition, or is unsure of what to do next on the road to recovery.  Nowadays, I find we almost need to be our own investigators.  There are so many doctors, modalities, alternative health treatments and things you can do yourself that unless you do the time and effort to find it, you won’t find it!

I speak from experience on this issue.  I have never settled for the simple conclusion that something couldn’t be fixed.

  •  When I had major cystic acne covering my whole face I tried 10 years of treatments, creams, drugs, you name it, before I realized it was diet and hormone related.
  • When I had chronic tightness in my right low back and my right knee cap was unstable and would pop out I tried orthotics, physio, and rest, but nothing worked until I met a fantastic Chiropractor and also taught myself about posture.
  • I grew up SICK.  I had constant sore throat, ear issues, coughs, etc. I was always on antibiotics.  It wasn’t until I stopped eating processed food, learned to manage my stress, and started sleeping more that I stopped getting sick regularly.
  • I had BLOATING like crazy, huge stomach upset that grew worse over the years.  Having a ‘6 month baby’ look going on was normal for me, and feeling nauseous to the point of pulling the car over was frequent.  It wasn’t until I stopped eating dairy that all of this fell away 100 %.  No one ever told me to stop eating dairy, but I figured it out along the way.
  • I had obsessive thoughts about calorie consumption, staying thin, obsessing about exercising and never feeling small enough.  It was until a holistic nutritionist sat me down, told me I had some disordered thoughts around eating, and sorted me out.  I never knew it was an issue, I thought it was normal.
  • Now- my next challenge is my kidney disease.  I’ve had this disease since my first month at University.  The doctors have told me it’s genetic, and that there is nothing they can do except put my on medication and hope it doesn’t progress to needing a transplant.  Well, I’ve tried many, many, many modalities on top of taking their medication to try and figure this disease out.  Some things have worked!  I have actually received a few positive urine tests that showed reversal of the initial issue.  But in the end, I still have the disease.  I won’t stop trying things to figure out what the heck is going on, and why I have this.  To stop trying new modalities would be to accept that my kidneys may fail some day.  That’s not a happy thought!  In the meantime, I will continue to try all therapies that come my way.  Maybe in the end I can’t reverse the initial damage that was done to my kidney when I was diagnosed, but at least if I could do as much as I can for my health to prevent further deterioration, I am doing something!

Anyways, what I am getting at, is we all have challenges.  Whatever they are, they all come in shapes and sizes.  Some of them stick around for years or decades before they are sorted out, some of them are resolved quickly with the right care.  Some of them are never resolved, and I think that is also part of life in some cases.  I am not here to blame people and say “because you aren’t doing everything you can you are letting yourself get worse”, No, I am aware that certain people and certain conditions do try absolutely everything they can and disease progression, or death is inevitable.  My message is clear:  be your own health investigator, work with a variety of professionals, be open to solutions, and don’t give up.  

In the end though, if you aren’t happy with something related to your health, it’s up to you to tackle that health issue.  There is no one doctor, or medical practitioner out there that is trained, certified, aware and ready to educate you on absolutely everything you need to do to support yourself.  This is up to you, your intuition and your ability to keep trying new things and meeting new people who can support you.  Tackle it like a research project you would do at University.  It’s going to be extremely time consuming, it may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, I am not denying this.  But in the end, by staying open and working to get to the bottom of your aches, pains, health concerns, you will find a solution.  Try everything, and be open to everything.  In the end, as you try to solve one health issue, you often end up sorting out other aspects of your health that you didn’t even know needed helping.  For example, let me share a story that I asked my mom to write for my blog.  She went in for a massage to help with some shoulder pain and came out with some pretty crazy other health benefits…

Recently tried massage therapy to ease the pain after a shoulder injury.  At my second appointment I mentioned in conversation that I had a headache.  After massaging my shoulder, the massage therapist asked if I wanted a head massage.   I had never had a head massage but thought it might be helpful in relieving the pain.  The therapist began by placing her hands on my head and neck.  The touch was so gentle at times I opened my eyes to see if she was still there.  After a few minutes the therapist asked if I had ever had a head injury.  She explained that your head bones should  move just slightly- but mine were not moving on the left side of my head.  I explained that I had an accident 6 years prior and hit my head on the let side, causing a seizure, and a concussion.  After 20 minutes of gentle manipulation the therapist again tried moving the bones on the left side of my head, and they were now moving minimally – not moving as much as she would like- but they were no longer ‘stuck’.
My appointment with the massage therapist was now 51 days ago.  In the past 51 days I have not had to take an allergy pill, an herbal allergy supplement, or any pain medication.  For over 5 years I suffered from daily allergies (year round) , frequent headaches, and migraines.  I had prescription migraine medication, and allergy medication but would still end up in the emergency room when the medication didn’t work and the pain was unbearable. Now……..nothing.  No pain.  No allergies. No constantly runny nose and itchy eyes.  For over 5 years I put my faith in doctors, and medication – and through a random visit to a massage therapist, and her offer to give me a head massage I now have relief from headaches – allergies and migraines.  I can’t say I understand why manipulating the bones in my head would eliminate headaches and allergies but it worked – and I am thrilled it did!

I use her as an example to inspire you to try something that you haven’t tried to support your health.  Maybe it’s something as simple as what she did- Cranio Sacral Massage.  Maybe it’s accupuncture, chiropractic, biofeedback, counselling, a supplement, mobility work, a dietary change, a new doctor, a cream, anything!
Do you have an experience of trying something new and experiencing positive health results?   Share in the comments below, you never know who it might support!

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