Substitutions when dining out.

Just a few short blogs for you this week, as it’s Thanksgiving, and I am taking time to enjoy, and relax.  Some very great friends took me out golfing on Sunday, it was a lot of fun and a really great way to stay active for the day and enjoy some fresh air.  Although I haven’t enjoyed a turkey this weekend, I have enjoyed some good friends, great books, and golf!

How did you celebrate this weekend?

I figured a good thing to talk about during Thanksgiving time is how to make substitutions when indulging, dining out, or during the holidays.


I know that sometimes waiters are irritated when we make special requests, or sometimes we feel guilty asking our friends and family cook something more in line with our nutritional needs.  It’s important to recognize that the more you request healthier choices, the more you are making it comfortable for others to do the same!  Maybe don’t go to the extreme to change the entire meal (as illustrated above), but instead pick a few smalls simple changes you can make that will improve your menu choice without insulting the cook.

Here are some of the substitutions I recommend:

  • Dressing on the side
  • No added oils and butters if it’s already a very fatty meal.  This is a major component that adds calories to your meals.
  • No added salt
  • Double the vegetables to volumize your meal
  •  For a ‘meal salad’ ask for the nuts, cheese and dressing on the side and add them on yourself in smaller quantities.
  • Ask for double the veggies instead of an alternative ‘side’,

These are all the common requests that I use.  Do you have other requests you make at restaurants?  What about when dining out at a friends or family home?

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