Women on Weights Training class @ YWCA Starting September 29th

Hey Ladies!

Are you ready for the next round of Women on Weights at the YWCA? Β This class is designed for women to learn proper form and technique when lifting weights at the gym or in a group fitness class.

This class (Level 1) is designed for beginner’s who aren’t 100 % confident with basic weight lifting (using machines, free weights, and body weight exercises). Β Together as a group we learn perfect form for exercises like a glute lift, squat, bicep curl, chest press, bent over row, dead bug, and core work! Β Each workout is designed to be highly educational, but also get your heart rate up and give you a workout.

Within the program we also go over dynamic warm up, proper cool downs and foam rolling. Β (Oh and posture, you know me, I can’t give a workshop without talking about posture!).

The next round starts onΒ September 29th from 6-7 pm.Β 


  • Β Not lifting weights (and therefore missing out on the physical benefits like preventing Ostoeporosis, improving glucose tolerance, decreasing body fat).
  • Not sure if they are doing it properly
  • Consistently getting injured in group fitness classes, or exercising on their own.
  • Looking for a fun environment to practice weight lifting.
  • Looking for a program to get their butt to the gym (and get a scheduled workout program).

Then please send them this e-mail and let them know about my upcoming program. Β The group usually caps at around 8 people, and it always fills up- so get your spot soon!

Call the YWCA today to reserve your spot 604-895-5777.

September 29th from 6-7 pm, 6 week program , $150 for members, $186 for non members.Β 

More details and testimonials about the program can be found on my website:


Hope to see you there,


Ps- Photo credit from this article for women’s health mag:


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