Final blog on my Top 50 Favourite Bodyweight exercises- the FUN ones :)

To finish off my series on HARD bodyweight exercises, I bring you a compilation of random exercises, which I have no choice but to classify them as the FUN ones!  This is the last component from  the lunch and learn presentation that I provide.

Remember, these are all tough, make sure you have the balance, stability and a good solid level of fitness before you try them.

Have fun!

36) Cross legged lift off ground (or legs straight out in front- L sit). You could use a block under each hand if you have access to one (makes it more manageable).

fun 1

37) Single leg burpee. Stand on one leg, jump up into the air on one leg, put both hands on the ground, jump back, landing on only the same one leg. Repeat.

fun 2

39) Fast roll onto feet into tuck jump (lay on your back on a mat, roll up really quick to land on your two feet and then jump in the air, land and roll back down).

fun 3

40) Fast roll onto feet onto one leg, Perform a roll to stand up like the previous exercise and then stand up at the end only on one leg (the guy in the picture hasn’t officially done the whole stand up)!

fun 4

41) Frog position- knees on backs of triceps, weight is leaning forward into upper body. Hold this here.

fun 5 

42) Planche- This is a progression from the frog position- just try and stretch your legs out behind you. This is insanely difficult and may take a long time to master.

fun 6

43) Knee to nose and kick back, From a high plank position on the wrists try and tuck your knee under and make contact with your nose, then straighten your leg back out behind you and squeeze your butt.

fun 7

44) Arm hold on Bench or Mat

Have your hands planted underneath you, your elbows glued into your stomach, shift your weight forward and try to pull your legs up off the ground.  (This is much easier done on a bench)

fun 8

45) The lean back From an upright position keep your body perfectly flat and lean back as far as you can, then come forward.  Feel free to play this song in the background while you do this one ;););)


fun 9

46) The hamstring plyo You need someone to hold your ankles down for this one. From an upright position slowly lower to the ground going as slow as you can. You can hold it once you reach your max point and squeeze back up, or you can fall to the ground into a push up and try to push back up to a tall position in a straight line.

fun 10

47) Step ups from floor for cardio From a standing position drop to the floor on your right knee, then lower your left knee. Swing your right foot to plant on the floor and push up to standing. Make sure your hips aren’t rocking, and you use your butt to stand. Go fast and repeat with the same leg. Make sure you stand all the way up at the top.

fun 12

48) Jump Squats

Sit down into a squat, keep the tension on the legs and then drive up to reach the ceiling, land softly right into your next squat.

fun 13

49) Handstand variations

To hold a handstand variation and make various shapes with your legs is a crazy amount of core control. Work your way up to doing these away from a wall.

fun 14

50) V up sit up   into forward roll into tuck jump

Basically, what you can start to do is combine any of the variations of these body weight exercises in a row to really get the cardio going. Here is an example of 3 you could do in a row.

fun 15fun 16fun 17

PS-  If you’ve got a SUPER FIT friend looking for ways to promote further overall fitness, challenge themselves and have fun in the gym, then please forward them this blog!  I write this to support others in staying committed to exercise, and the only way to get the word out is with your help 🙂






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