Why do you NEED good posture? It’s more than just standing taller….

As you know, on Sunday September 13th 2015 i am hosting my Posture Workshop.  11:30 am- 2:30 pm

The cost is $50 for the 3 hour seminar.  (More details at the bottom).

Link for registration:  http://posture-workshop.eventbrite.ca

Why do I continue to talk about posture as one of my main talks?

Unless you are actively standing most of the day in tall posture, and exercising the proper back muscles 2-3 times a week, I can almost guarantee with a postural analysis we could find some issues that will be hindering your overall health, fitness, and mobility.

What happens when we sit, stand, and move in poor posture long term?

Here are some examples of how poor posture can be damaging to the body:

1)  Standing in poor posture can stretch ligaments (thick bands of tissue that hold joints together).  Ligaments are found in the joints of the body including shoulder, hip, neck etc.   When ligaments are stretched to an extreme the joint is placed in an extremely unstable position often requiring surgery.

These long ligaments down the back of the spine can become overstretched, giving less support to the stability of the neck.

2) Cartilage and spinal disc structures move improperly with poor posture, leading to wear and tear, potential for arthritis, pain, and decreased range of motion in the discs of the spine.
spine arthritis
3)  You lose function of certain muscles!  50 % of the clients I start training with have lost the innervation to various muscle groups including their lats, glutes, traps, rhomboids, and core muscles.  The skeletal structure becomes so poorly set up that the nerves are not making appropriate connection to the right muscles!  Losing function of these muscles is also due to chronic overuse.  This can be corrected with posture training!  We require the function and strength of the lats, glutes, traps, rhomboids and core muscles to stand in good posture naturally.
upper back 6
4)  Poor posture, especially in the rounding of the shoulders and back, leads to a compression in the structures at the front of the armpit- the brachial plexus area.  This is a fundamental nerve and blood flow area, sending nerve messages and blood down to the hand.  I have now met with over 20 clients who have suffered from: hand or finger numbness, hand pain, lack of wrist mobility, tingling hands, and poor grip strength.  The solution is beyond treating the hand, these people have needed to correct for lack of upper back strength, and super tight chest muscles, to begin the healing process.
5)  To be strong, fit, and fast, you need your body lined up for maximal force and power generation.  Often times with poor posture people have developed muscle imbalances.  IE. the quadriceps are dominant to the hamstrings, or the Vastus lateralis is dominant to the Vastus medialis, or the rotator cuff muscles lack the stability to hold the shoulder into the joint during pressing and pulling motions.  For anyone interested in optimal fitness beyond aspiring for a ‘bikini body’, they need to sort out their posture, muscle imbalances, and create a solid base for strength training.
perfect athlete posture

The fastest man, with good (running) posture!

6)  Work related disorders.  Cashiers, employees who use computers, hair dressers, artists, and nurses are all examples of people I have seen with injuries or pain due to repetitive motions at work.  In a poor postural position, doing the same motion all day long, is bound to create pain, inflammation, and eventually prevent you from doing what you love.  With proper posture, and a solid stretching and strengthening routine, these people can continue to work in their career!
7)  Activities of daily life: “I need to stop gardening, I am getting too much pain”, “I pulled my shoulder lifting my brief case”, ” I have been sleeping funny so my back is out”, ” “My neck is very sore from going to the movies”, ” I can’t run, jump, climb, play because of my bad knee/shoulder/hip” “My limbs go numb quickly”.  All things I hear on a daily basis.  All symptoms of poor posture, and poor positioning of the musculoskeletal system.  I teach you how to do all those things pain free.
8)  The mental and emotional benefits of good posture are immeasurable.  Many people nowadays slouch their chest down, drop their chin, look to the floor, don’t make eye contact, and don’t walk around looking confident and proud.  Standing in good posture changes how you feel physiologically, emotionally, and how you see the world!
9)  Back pain, neck pain, sports braces, knee pain, etc. are so commonly seen as normal issues.  Poor posture leads to all these conditions (not excluding other factors).  Posture goes from head to toe, simply walking with your toes turned out too far creates muscular imbalances, therefore instability in the knee, and is treated with sports braces!  Fix the posture and foot position, fix the muscular system instead.
 The workshop is Sunday September 13th from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at #180-4255 Arbutus Street, APT Studios.  The workshop starts with a general posture screening for each individual.  From there a discussion about finding proper posture in a sitting, standing, exercising, and general living position is discussed and practiced.  The next portion of the workshop covers exercises specific to improving muscles important for posture, as well as how to do EVERY exercise in the gym in good posture.  The interactive workshop finishes with stretching, foam rolling and myofascial release of the muscular system.  We finish with a little fun: 30 minutes of the BEST core exercises for YOU and your workout program.  You get a GIANT package of handouts with full descriptions on each exercise, how often to do them, as well as full instructions on the stretching and foam rolling components.  You will leave feeling confident in making changes in your posture immediately!
I hope to see you there!

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