Mobility Class on Saturday

This week’s class will be a repeat class, all about the calves!  One of the most common muscles that my client’s complain about being tight are the calves!  And why do we think that is?  Most of us are walking, exercising, moving around, wearing high heels for most of the day.  The calves get some of the biggest workout in our day to day activities.

Here is our rough outline for Saturday:

What happens when our calves are too tight?

  •  We change the way we move.
  • Our lower body has to compensate to make up for the lack of flexibility in the calves (feet do crazy things like turn out to the side etc.).
  • Our toe position changes.  Do you have hammer toes?  Bunions?  Big toe pointed out to the side a bite (I am guilty of this one!).

The calves need to stay flexible and mobile, so that the ankle stay’s mobile (remember, the kinetic chain of the body states our ankles should be very mobile, and our knees should be stable), when the kinetic chain is out of whack we are in for some trouble!  (I.e. ankle, knee, foot, hip issues).

Send me an e-mail if you’d like to join.  $20, Drop in, Apt studios #180-4255 Arbutus Street.  1130 am- 1230.

Hope to see you there!

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