My Favourite Bodyweight Exercises- for the CORE!

Continuing on with my theme from my Corporate Lunch and Learn on “My Top 50 Bodyweight Exercises” today I bring you some of my most functional core training exercises. Β They sure don’t look like sit ups, but if you do them with 100 % correct form and technique you are guaranteed to get a great FUNCTIONAL core workout!

30) Inchworm

Start from a standing position, hinge forward and walk yourself down into a push up. Keep your legs straight and walk yourself back up tall.

core 1

31)Β Β  Crawling. Just crawl forward naturally, try keeping opposite knee and hand off the ground as they move forward together. Β Keep your hips down and level (your knees should never come more than a few inches off the ground and your hips shouldn’t rock around). Β Really great simple whole body functional exercise.

core 2

32) Dragon walks This is a crawling variation, but you are going to stretch further with your forward crawling arm and as the opposite arm is stretched forward you are going to try and contact your elbow to knee on the other side. Β Go slow, keep the hips down, and really focus on making the contact between the elbow and knee. Β This one can be a bit tricky to get the hang of.

core 3

33) Long plank Walk into a regular length plank, and then walk your hands as far forward as you can, keeping your hips up.

core 4

34) Quadruped knee lift, On your hands and knees, lift your knees off the floor 1 inch and hold for as long as you can. The one leg back option on your hands and knees, with your knees lifted 2 inches off the ground, try extending one leg at a time back into a kick. (No picture)

38) Leg lowers and lifts, eventually dragon flagsΒ Β Β Β Β 

Laying on your back on a bench, grip the top of your bench. Set your core strong and lower your back one vertebrate at a time really slow, and then slowly lower your legs all the way down. Once you have mastered this is you are going to try to keep your body in a straight line and lower down and up (without bending through your spine, as shown in the picture).

core 5

45) The lean back From an upright position keep your body perfectly flat and lean back as far as you can, then come forward.

core 6

I hope you like these! Β As a reminder, all of these are fairly advanced. Β You should be able to be successful with ‘easier’ variations like dead bug, planks, side planks etc. before coming to these ones.

Next week: Β My ultimate FUN bodyweight exercises (although all exercises are FUN right!?!?).

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