Core And Posture Fit Workshop

I will be presenting my most popular workshop and corporate lunch and learn on Sunday September 13th 2015 from 1130 am- 230 pm at APT Studios South in Vancouver (#180-4255 Arbutus Street).

The Core and Posture Fit Workshop is designed for those that sit in a desk for most of the day.  The purpose of the workshop is to do a brief static and dynamic postural analysis for the group, where each person can get a better idea of the postural irregularities they have developed and which muscles require strengthening and stretching.

We then proceed to learning a series of exercises that can be performed in a gym or at home to strengthen or stretch specific postural muscles.  Following that we stretch and foam roll the body, focussing on the muscles that are commonly tight, weak, overstretched and sore from sitting most of the day.

The final 30 minutes is the fun part!  We do 30 minutes of effective core strengthening work, moving beyond the sit up into more functional and fun exercises!  We will dive into why the sit up isn’t the only, or most effective ab exercise you should be doing, and what you should try instead!

I have presented this workshop 4 times over the past year, each time developing it further and further into the most information packed, yet practical workshop you can get your hands on!  Now that I am a Certified Posture Training Specialist with the National Posture Institute I am able to add some next level information and practical advice.  (If you have attended before, you will get even MORE value if you attend again!).

Who is this workshop for:

  •  Those that sit most of the day
  • People with sore necks or backs, or any joint!
  • People who can recognize that they have developed a ‘hunch’ in the upper back, a sign that your posture has shifted significantly over time and you need to get going on a solid corrective exercise program to improve.
  • Anyone who wants to be the healthiest, fittest, most functional version of themselves long term.
  • Prevent aches, pains, headaches, tightness.

People who are looking to perform exercises correctly and effectively in the gym, rather than wasting their time in poor positioning.

We often don’t begin to make a proactive change for our health until we start to see ‘negative’ signs:  poor posture, weight gain, injuries, aches and pains, health concerns etc.  I challenge you to get proactive- start now, no matter what age you are, to educate yourself about daily things you can do to better you overall health!  Plenty of our physical health comes from having good posture.

Posture can be improved at any age and any fitness level, start young, but don’t be afraid to keep working towards your goals as progress can be made at any age.

If you want to feel better, educate yourself, and experience this one of a kind workshop here in Vancouver than click this link:  

The cost for the event is $50 per person.  (Ps- If you are a current personal training client of mine you have the added bonus of bringing a friend for half price!  E-mail me for details).

I hope to see you there!


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