Mobility Class on Saturday. Topic: Squatting!

Every Saturday, 1130 am- 1230 at APT Studios (180-4255 Arbutus Street).  $20 drop in.  E-mail me if you are coming.

Purpose of the class:  Educate yourself to prevent injury, and make your body work and feel good!  No more aches and pains (unless they are from a kick butt work out I gave you and your muscles are sore..) 🙂

This week’s topic:  Squatting.

Here is a full, deep, front squat:

full front squat

Side note:  There are a few things I am not happy about with this picture (toes turned out too far, and knees caving in a bit too much).

Regardless, squatting deep, low, and with a heavy front loaded weight is a FANTASTIC exercise to work every muscle in your body!  Especially including the glutes, and core.

Squatting deep like this requires a tremendous amount of flexibility, mobility and strength.

This week in mobility class we are going to examine:

  1.  Mobilize and stretch the glutes and external rotators of the hips.
  2. Mobilize and stretch inner thighs and adductors.
  3. Look at proper foot positioning and knee/lower leg posture.  Mobilize the quads and calves to achieve better positioning.
  4. Look at the upper body racking position.  Can the elbows stay up in this position for you?  Mobilize and stretch the external rotators/upper back.
  5. Mobilize and stretch hamstrings to work towards a deep squat with a proper low back curve.
  6. Finish with a discussion and exercises on engaging the core and the glutes, as well as properly using the breathe to make this exercise correct.

This class is beyond regular stretches and foam rolling, you will learn new mobilizations to achieve a more functional, happy, strong body.

If you don’t squat, you should!  It’s not only a fantastic exercise for the muscles of the body, but it’s functional, and squatting deep like this is a great way to engage and promote proper digestive function!  (Among 100 other reasons to squat, that’s for another day).!

See you there,


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