Dining out 101 & other Corporate Lunch and Learns

Roughly once a month I provide corporate lunch and learns to various businesses around Vancouver. ย I absolutely LOVE these opportunities because I love to share my knowledge, inspire others to lead healthier lives, while at the same time something about being in front of a crowd is really fun for me!

You can read all about the topics I present on here:


Unfortunately every once in awhile I experience road blocks that prevent me from being able to present, just as well all experience road blocks in our personal and professional lives. ย Yesterday due to some lack of proper communication and organization within the company I was to be presenting at I had prepared a fantastic presentation titled Dining Out 101 and had arrive to present to find out it had been accidentally booked for another day!

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed as I had put a lot of preparation and effort into the presentation and was pumped up about presenting it!

Why do I share this story? ย Yesterday was a good lesson for me in being an observer of my reactions, rather than reacting to my circumstances. ย I think everything in life happens as it is supposed to happen, and it is up to us to decide how will react to it. ย Initially I was very angry and upset to have had my time wasted like it was. ย After some reflection and conversations with others I was able to determine that this experience needed to happen for me to learn a few lessons in my own life about signing contracts, and listening to my intuition, as well as those on the other end of the situation to learn a few lessons as well!

So a question to you might be- where have you felt disrespected, felt your time was wasted, been angry at another person for their lack of organization? ย Did you react? ย Did you express anger? ย Did you let it wipe out your day and put you in a bad mood? ย Did you also see your part in the scenario?

How do you work through these challenges with ease, grace, and a forward thinking attitude?

In the end, I have decided that this presentation still needs to be presented! ย There is no way that I want all that work to go unheard!

So, if you work for a local Vancouver company and would like to have a 45 minute FREE company lunch and learn, then I want to hear from YOU.

Fill out these few questions below, and send them in an e-mail to katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com.

  1. ย Name of your company.
  2. Why does your company deserve this opportunity?
  3. How do the employees in your company stay active and take their health seriously?
  4. How do you feel this opportunity would improve the health and lives of the employees at your company?

PS- ย For the next few months I will periodically share little tid bits from my presentation in my blog- stay tuned!!


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