Lower body bodyweight exercise variations.

Continuing with my theme of my favourite top 50 bodyweight exercises, this week’s version includes some of my favourite lower body exercises.

Remember, these are not for beginner’s! Β Do your best, and ask me for variations if needed.

All of these exercises will build lower body strength and power, and are also all great for the core!

These exercises are not suitable for those with knee injuries, make sure you are safe to complete them first with a trainer or physio before you try!

22) One leg squat onto bench Keep your hips and shoulders facing forward. Try to just tap and push off the bench (don’t sit down).lower body

23) Pistol- hardest one leg squat variation. You should be able to deep squat your body weight before trying this one.lower body 2

24) Jumps from floor No picture given- start on the ground on both your knees, jump up into the air, leave the ground and land on your flat feet, both feet at the same time.

25) One leg deadlifts Β  Common faults: Β  both hips not facing the ground, hunching too far forward, not kicking the back leg straight out, not bending into standing leg.

lower body 3

26) Jump lunges. From a lunge position jump as high up into the air as you can, land into opposite sideΒ lunge. Be controlled.

lower body 4

27) Lunge power ups From a lunge position drive your back knee up high, and leave the ground with your standing leg. Send that leg straight back into another one.

lower body 5

28) Box jumps. Β Leave the ground with two feet. Start with a low bench to start.

lower body 6

Leave with two feet, land with two feet!

29) Single leg box jumps- HARD!!!lower body 7

Leave with one foot, land with one foot!

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