Final Days of Cooking Challenge.

Well, here it is.  My last post for my 30 day cooking challenge.

I wanted to inspire myself to cook more at home for a variety of reasons.  I am happy with how things went during the challenge.  As I continued to place my focus on cooking I noticed a lot of byproducts:  more energy, less money spent on groceries, and a sense of calm and peacefulness surrounding the time I allowed myself to spend cooking.  I believe when our meals aren’t cooked and planned out, even though we can think we are eating healthy we often aren’t getting in enough vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and most commonly- veggies!

I will continue to make the time to cook regularly.  I will continue to post regularly about how to make cooking stress free, easy, enjoyable, and tasty!

In the meantime here were my final 2 recipes:

Day 29/30:  Herb Roasted Chicken:

Day 30/30:  The Big Salad:

They both turned out wonderfully.

I will also continue to update you with the strategies and tips I use to eating healthily on a budget, making healthy cooking and eating a priority, tips for batch cooking, and making good dining out choices.

Thanks for following along.

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