Improving Torso Twist, Mobility Class Saturday 1130-1230.

Saturday 1130-1230, every week, $20 drop in, e-mail me throughout August to let me know if you are coming (numbers have been low due to participants travelling, this way I can notify you if I cancel class).  APT Studios #180-4255 Arbutus Street.

Focus this week:  Torso Twist

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Here is the torso twist stretch.  A really great stretch to mobilize our T spine.  Your T spine is your thoracic spine, the mid spine region in your back.  It is important that it is mobile for efficient movement, and to prevent parts of your back like your neck and lower back from moving to an extreme that they shouldn’t.  Think of your body like a kinetic chain.

Ankles:  mobile

Knees:  stable

Hips:  mobile

Low back:  Stable

T Spine:  Mobile

Neck:  Stable

When our T spine isn’t as mobile as it should be, other areas of the body can compensate their stability to gain mobility.

Remember, mobility means flexibility and range of motion within the muscle and joints.  Stability means strength within the muscles surrounding the joint, to keep the joint itself from moving when we want it to be stable.

To improve our Torso twist, and T spine movement this week we will:

  1.  Practice flexion and extension on the foam roller, and then with myofascial balls.
  2. Roll out chest, lats, rhomboids, outer hip with roller and myofascial balls.
  3. Stretch these muscles.
  4.  Work open the torso twist stretch with movements/breathing/arm sweeps.
  5. Perform a seated spinal twist variation.

This is a very relaxing whole body stretch and movement, I am sure you will leave the class feeling great!

Hope to see you there,


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