Almost there! 30 days of Cooking Challenge.

Well, it’s taken me almost 40 days to do 30 days of cooking, and I am still one day off!  Although I feel I haven’t stuck completely to my goal due to travelling for 1 long weekend, camping another weekend, and pet sitting with limited cooking facilities, I still realize how much I have cooked, and how much I have enjoyed having the recipes around the house (and I am sure my bank account is happy too).  The perfectionist side of me is mad that I haven’t done this perfectly, but I think I’ll just let that go 🙂

Here is what I made before we went camping last week:

28/30:  Strawberry Oatmeal muffins.

These were very tasty, and those I shared them with agreed 🙂

Here is the recipe I used:

The only difference is I made these as muffins rather than as a big bake so that we could take them as easy snacks on the go.

29/30:  Buffalo Sweet potato burgers

On Friday night I wanted to make some burgers again for us.  I prefer to use bison or buffalo as a source of meat because:

  1.  They are grass fed animals, so we know they haven’t been chowing down on genetically modified corn.
  2. They are naturally a healthier animal than cows, so require less antibiotics.
  3. They are a leaner source of meat.
  4. They taste a little bit sweeter and more flavourful 🙂

But here was my issue…

I started making the burgers, and to be honest I have never made a burger from scratch before.  Every single time in my life I have made a burger I have Kyle mash them up into patties because I have always found touching the raw meat completely revolting.

Well on Friday I decided to face my fears!  I chopped up all the ingredients, got them in a bowl, and was mushing it all around.  I had added 3 eggs to the batch, for some reason (due to my lack of cooking knowledge) I thought that adding MORE eggs would bind the burgers better, but Kyle soon corrected me that I had that all backwards.  As I started making them into patties I quickly realized 1)  There were too many eggs, they weren’t binding. and 2) I had not cut the veggies and sweet potatoes up small enough so there was no way there were going to cook as fast as the burger.

Needless to say this is what we ended up with:


A big buffalo, sweet potato, egg hash!  It was delicious, but definitely wasn’t burgers!

I will report again next week with my final recipe!  I have noticed myself really sticking with patterns and enjoying certain recipes (oatmeal bakes, chilli’s, and burgers), I will have to branch out!

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