Mobility class this Saturday- neck pain

This is a reminder about my mobility class at apt studios at 180-4255 arbutus street from 1130-1230 each Saturday. ย The class is ongoing and each week we cover a new topic about mobilizing, preventing injury, decreasing aches and pains, and educating ourselves about our own body’s functionality. ย Aches, pains, injuries, tightness and weakness in the body are all preventable! ย Join my class to educate yourself and be proactive with the health of your body.

This blog was written from my phone, so please excuse typos and spelling errors.

Neck pain is extremely prevelant in our society, especially for those who work at a desk all day. ย Neck pain is also aggravated when we develop an imbalance in the muscles found in our upper back, or if we walk and move in poor posture. ย Stress, worry, lack of movement, and lack of mobilization also leads to further neck pain.

In mobility class this week we will do the following:

  • ย stretch/roll out the chest muscles. ย When the chests muscles are tight they pull our shoulders forward. ย Our neck muscles generally attach into the shoulders so when they are pulled forward the neck muscles are then lengthened.
  • Next we will stretch and roll all the neck and back muscles that may be tense and causing a pull into the back of the neck, causing pain. ย After we stretch and roll them I will show you some exercises you can do to strengthen them to counteract them beig stretched out of position from poor posture or prolonged desk work. ย This involves strengthenigs muscles such as your mid to lower fiver trapezius and your rhomboid.
  • We will also spend time mobilizing the rest of the spine, particularly the thoracic (mid) spine. ย When the thoracic spine moves well we can expect the neck to be a bit happier! We will also look at the flexion and extension of your spine.

You are guaranteed to take away an entire stretching and rolling routine to use anytime you have neck pain, headaches, stress or worry in the future.

i hope you join me!


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