My Favourite Push up Variations

Push ups. Β I think they get the biggest groan and are the most ‘hated’ movement of all!

The wonderful thing about push ups, and why they are in almost every program I write is that they not only work out chest and arm muscles, but also our back, and our core. Β They are hard because they are very much a full body exercise! Β They are especially hard to do correctly.

Here are some of my favourite ways to vary up my push ups so that I can get some variety in my routine.

You can start from your knees for any of these variations. Β Then work up to doing the exercises from your toes. Β Working off a bench is also easier with your body on an incline.

11) Push up variation- regular When doing a push up, make sure your hands are planted in line, and just outside of your shoulders. Keep everything in your body in a flat line, lower yourself down (elbows flare out and back at an angle to your side). Lower so that your chest almost touches the ground, breathe out, push back up.

push up 1

12) Push up variation- triceps The difference between this one and the regular one is your elbows will rub along your ribs as you descend (this works the back of the arm).

push up 2

13) Push up variation- Diamond– This variation requires you making a diamond shape with your hands, elbows will flare out to your side. Β You will really feel your triceps with theses ones too.

push up 3

14) Push up variation- Shoulder. In a downward dog position, lower your head so the top of your head reaches the floor, push back up. Make sure to breathe in this one for sure! Β Careful with this one, make sure you are breathing, and don’t do this one if you have high blood pressure.

push up 4

15) Push up jumps (After you do your push up your arms and legs leave the ground at the same time, your whole body is in the air) (no picture).

16) Clapping push ups. Leave the ground, clap your hands together, land softly.

push up 5

17) Spider man push up. After you do your push up, connect your knee to your elbow on the same side.

push up 6

18) Handstand push ups- Only for the elite!

push up 7

19) Hindu push ups From a downward dog position scoop your chin, then your chest, then your hips down to the floor and end in an upward position stretching the core. (picture to the right)

push up 8

20) Push ups shifting side to side

push up 9

21) One arm push up at wall (Try and go deeper than she is in the picture). Β Then try on a bench or floor.

push up 10

I hope you like these variations. Β And remember, practice your push ups consistently and they become easy and fun! Β Don’t forget to breathe πŸ™‚

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