30 Days of Cooking Challenge

This is a short week of recipes from me due to the long weekend.  I was surfing, lounging, and exploring in Tofino instead of cooking!

Here are 3 recipes I tried before I went away.

Day 25/30:  Bacon Bison Burgers

We don’t eat red meat very often around my house, but when we do, it’s delicious.  This burgers were out of this world.  I served ours on a toasted portabello mushroom as the bun.  This is a definite try if you are ok with eating bacon and bison every once in awhile.  Another recipe by nom nom paleo.



Day 26/30:  Vegan Potato Cookie Dough.

Well, this one was a flop.  I am not sure if I did something wrong, or this recipe in general just doesn’t taste very good.  As put nicely by my boyfriend Kyle ” It tastes like mashed potatoes mixed with chocolate chips”.  Which is what it is…I just assumed it might end up tasting a bit better.

I would say don’t try it.  But if you do, let me know if it tastes any better for you than it did for me!



Day 27/30:  Sweet potato Chilli

I realize I love having chilli’s and stews in the freezer waiting for me to eat, so I did up a batch of chilli in the slow cooker.  I haven’t actually tasted this one yet, but I can’t see how you can wrong with a big pot of sweet potato and beans!



I will post for you a few more recipes next week to complete the 30 day challenge!

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