TOUGH Body Weight Exercises Part 1- and No Mobility Class this Saturday.


First of all, there will be no mobility class this long weekend. ย I hope you have a happy, safe weekend.

Due to not having my regular post for the class, i have decided to instead share part of the handout from my workshop last month at the YWCA on my 50 favourite body weight exercises.

This week I will share the first section, all my favourite plank variations. ย Planks are a fantastic way to build core stability. ย Core stability is fundamental for activities of daily living, playing sports, preventing injury etc. ย Without core stability your pelvis does not stay stable as it should, leading to a variety of issues including knee and back pain. ย Once you can plank for 60 seconds it’s time to move on to making them a bit more challenging.

Remember, start with where you are at NOW. ย I have not posted variations within this blog. ย If the exercise is too hard for you, or you can keep proper form and technique while breathing properly, then you need to take an easier version, and work up to the ones I have listed here.

My Top Body Weight Exercises

Please note:

  • These exercises are not for beginners. If you havenโ€™t been exercising for at least a year with intensity and resistance training, than please wait to try these exercises.
  • Start with lower reps and work your way up
  • Donโ€™t compromise your form
  • Why body weight? You can do them from anywhere, no equipment needed. Will tax your core unit muscles much greater than many typical weight-training exercises. They add variety to your program!
  • REMEMBER- there are harder and easier variations to each exercise, if you need one, e-mail me!
  • Find a number of repetitions that is HARD now, and work up from there.
  • Lower back pain is not normal, or good. If you feel it in any of these exercises, tone it down a notch, give your core a rest, and restart.

1) Plank. You can do this from your knees or toes. Hold with a perfectly flat body, and the elbows right underneath the shoulders. Keep your neck in a straight line. ALL of the following plank exercises can be done from a raised platform if they are too hard from the ground.plank 1

2) Plank around the world. WITHOUT MOVING YOUR HIPS- stretch your R arm out, then your left arm, right leg lift, then left leg lift. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HIPS!). Feet together is easier, wider is harder.

plank 2

3) 2 point plank- From the elbows or wrists lift opposite arm and leg off the ground, without shifting in the hips.

plank 3

4) Shoulder taps- From the wrists or elbows, lift one arm up and tap the opposite shoulder, then do the other side. Donโ€™t move the hips.

plank 4

5) Plank up and down– From an elbow plank, plant one hand right underneath the shoulder and push up so that both hands are on the ground. Lower back down on the same arm you pushed up on. Repeat same side, or other side. Even harder would be to come up two arms at a time, meaning you are down on both forearms and pop up onto the wrists in one motion. Donโ€™t move the hips.

plank 5

6,7,8,9) Side Plank. Whichever position you choose keep your back strong (donโ€™t sink down into your shoulder), and keep your body in a flat line from the front and also if someone was looking from above your hips and shoulders should be square to the front. ย Another version (not shown) involves drawing the bottom leg in under your body, it’s killer for the inner thigh.

plank 6

10) Side crow- . With your feet facing forward, sit down low, and then plant both your hands to one side of your body. Ensure your elbows are bent and locked in strong to your back, put your knees up on the elbow, lean your body forward and lift your toes up off the ground!

plank 8

Let me know how they go, or if you need further direction!


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