30 Days of cooking challenge continued!

Here are some of the delicious recipes I made this week.  This was one of the tastier weeks (compared to a few failures last week).  Unfortunately I wasn’t on top of taking really great photos!

Day #17/30:  Bocconcini Salad

A friend made this for dinner for me the other week and I really enjoyed it, and so I wanted to repeat it at home!  Super easy to make.  Nice light meal for the summer.

Here is a recipe:  http://www.foodlink.ca/index.php?p=recipes.ViewRecipe&recipe=31


Day #18/30:  Overnight Oats.

mmmm!  These were so sweet tasting and filling for a quick easy breakfast.  It is another recipe by Oh She Glows.  As long as you can remember to put it all together the night before, it’s perfect.  I didn’t heat mine up again in the morning as suggested (decided to go with it cold), and I also didn’t add the toppings to it, because it already looked like a huge filling meal without them!  Maybe next time..



Day #19/30:  Tuna pasta bake

This night I felt like a carby meal!  So I decided to follow a recipe for a pasta bake.  I have never done that before.  In this recipe I substituted brown rice pasta for the regular pasta, and “DAIYA” cheese instead of dairy cheese.  My stomach doesn’t like too much cheese, and this recipe called for a lot, so I chose to go with a processed alternative.  I liked this recipe because it lasted me a long time, and a little piece went nicely with a nice big salad.  And it’s very simple (Key for me!).



Day #20/30:  BLT and sweet potato with pesto sauce!

You know those days where you feel like indulging in a good craving?  I had one of those Sunday morning.  I made myself a BLT.  For the bread I chose to use a sprouted Ezekial bread (from my understanding this is a less modified, natural grain), and I used avocado instead of mayo!  Mmm…

With that I had a small sweet potato cut up and used a pesto sauce one of my clients gave to me.  I will have to ask her to share the recipe, because it was delicious!

Here is a photo of one of my fried potatoes with pesto sauce:


Day 21/30:  Cauliflower & Carrot puree.  

This is another recipe from one of my favourite blogs, Nom Nom Paleo.  It is a simple cook and blend kind of soup, with a really nice flavour.  I didn’t get a good pic of it before I threw it in the freezer, but I did get a bite of it, and it was delicious.  It’s a nice way to get a side of vegetables in with your meal, without doing something standard like a salad.



Day 22:  Tomato soup.

I wanted to make a really delicious tomato soup this week, and I did!  It kind of looks like the carrot puree when frozen…

Again, by one of my fav blogs Nom Nom paleo



Day 24/30:  Shredded Kale Salad

This salad was amazing!  So amazing I ate it all before realizing I didn’t take a picture, and before realizing I ate in one serving what you should eat in 4…hahaha whoops!  At least it was just a TON of kale.

I forgot to put the cranberries in, and the salad almost tasted like a caesar salad for me.


That’s it for this week, one more update the next week.  Then I will be happy to take a short break from cooking daily, but still sharing some recipes on a weekly basis.

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