30 Days of Cooking- Continued- (Deliciousness enclosed)

And so the 30 days of cooking continues through the trials and errors 🙂

Here is what I made this week- a couple of them I recommend 100 % to YOU!

Day # 10/30:  Vegan black bean brownie cupcakes.

Well, let me tell you, these are delicious!  You can barely guess there is black bean as the main ingredient.  They were so good I taste tested them on a friend and she had two 🙂

The recipe is by the minimalist baker:  https://minimalistbaker.com/vegan-gluten-free-black-bean-brownies/


Day #11/30 was Turkey chilli Pasta Sauce:


No recipe here, sorry!  When I make pasta sauce I just like to stir up all my favourite veggies in a big pot with some canned tomatoes and spices, cook up the meat in another pan and combine.  Sorry I can’t offer a recipe, but maybe I can offer inspiration?

Day # 11/30:  Homemade nut milk.

To make my nut milk I soaked a cup of cashews overnight in water.  Then I mixed them with some raisins, and some coconut and a few cups of water in the Nutribullet, blended it up and voila!  Delicious milk.  Unfortunately the stupid blender got completely sealed shut, so after my first taste I haven’t been able to try it again 😦

Here is a recipe you can follow to make your own almond milk/nut milk:



Day #12/30:  Breakfast egg muffins.

These muffins used to be a staple in my diet.  They are so perfect and easy for grabbing and going.  When I make them I just chop up some veggies, this time I used carrot and onion.  Red onion, broccoli, and peppers are good too.  Throw some spices, and 9-12 eggs in the mix and bake until you pierce them with a fork and the fork comes out clean.

Here is an example of a recipe I have used before:  http://paleoleap.com/mini-ham-broccoli-frittatas/

IMG_1059 IMG_1060

Day #13/30: Amish apple, raisin, walnut bake

mm….I am really enjoying these oatmeal oven bakes.  They are really delicious!  They have made a nice occasional breakfast, as well as a dessert.  This one comes highly recommended.  Here is the recipe



Day #14/30:  Black Bean Quinoa Bowls.

I had a friend drop by one day for lunch, and was lucky to have this super easy, quick recipe on hand. It turned out pretty good!  Minus the fact that I think I added a bit too much spice.

Recipe:  http://jessicainthekitchen.com/quinoa-black-bean-burrito-bowl/


Day #15/30:  Failure of a chicken noodle soup..

On Friday I decided I wanted to make a chicken noodle soup and thought the slow cooker was a great place to do so.  Well, needless to say, you should add the noodles at the very end of the slow cooking process….I ended up with chicken noodle mush!  Well, at least I tried.


Day #16/30:  ‘Mixing’

Saturday I was leaving for a camping trip, and instead of cooking I had to eat up some leftovers.  I thought I would share the picture anyways, as it’s a nice looking meal, and was a perfect pre hike feast.  I had salad with 1/2 an avocado and loaded with fruit, 2 egg muffins, and a couple hand fulls of this rice puff cereal with a coconut non dairy yogurt and fruit on top!  Was delicious.


Got any recipes to share with me?

More than half way done!  I am sure I will continue to cook a lot more after the 30 days now that I have started to make it a habit.

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