Mobility Class on Saturday- Calves! Do you pass the ankle range of motion test?

Mobility Class- Saturday June 6th 11:30-12:30


What do we need to know about calves? When we wear shoes (high heels, running shoes, etc), walk in poor postural position, or allow our structures in our lower leg to get too tight without stretching them over time we end up with limited ankle range of motion. Β It completely changes the way our foot moves, which changes the shape of our foot over time. Β As a result we can end up with plantar fasciatis, bunions, crooked toes, poor ability to create stability and strength from the foot.

How do you test your ankle range of motion? Watch this video:Β  Did you pass?

If you can’t stand about 5-6 inches (I know in the video he mentions 3, but more accurate would be 6) from the wall and press your knee into the wall with a flat foot pointed forward, you have lost some ankle range of motion.

Ankle range of motion is crucial for many reasons:

  • Every time you squat, lunge, walk, run, or do anything sport and fitness it requires a full range of ankle movement. If you don’t have it, your fitness is limited!
  • If you don’t have full ankle range of motion you will compensate by turning your foot, or other leg structures in a different direction. A compensation starting at the bottom of the body (ankle) is eventually going to affect all the structures up your body if you let it get out of hand.
  • All of this will eventually lead to an injury from the inability to have a solid flexible ankle joint that can create force and torque properly into the floor during movement.

If you have a foot, knee, ankle, or hip problem it’s worth it to come and get your calves mobilized!

So! It’s time you joined me at my mobility class on Saturday at APT STUTDIOS located at 4255 Arbutus Street. We meet in the back classroom every week and the class costs $20. Check out my instagram account to see pictures of the previous classes and the results we created in just one hour.

Here is the outline of our class, if you are interested:

Test and retest:

  • Ankle range of motion
  • Downward Dog

Warm up:

  • leg swings
  • 200 skips


  • Foam rolling with foam roller (2 minutes each leg)
  • Calf mobilization with yoga balls,
  • 1) With leg flat on ground, roll in the line close to the bone- 2 minutes
  • 2) Mobilize into the belly of the calf, start with pushing and breathe, then contract relax, then cross fiber, then S shape, then pin and twist
  • 3) Mobilize the tibialis anterior
  • 4) Β  Mobilize the feet in all directions (10 minutes)
  • 5) Β Mobilize the insertion point of the posterior tibialis (inside of ankle)
  • 6) Β Pin and stretch the skin around the achilles


  • Using a strap while laying on back, turn foot in multiple directions. Then do 10 leg drops on each side with a perfectly straight leg.
  • Held against the wall, press hips into the wall.


  • 3 directional ankle presses for each leg at the wall X 10 times each direction.
  • Walking out downward dog, into core stretch X 10 times
  • Put the back of the gastroc (the bottom where it attaches onto Achilles) onto a barbell and point/flex the foot/draw circles.


– squats, lunges, and calf raises

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