Looking for Group Personal Training- Program starting in JUNE!

In an attempt to offer personal training services that folks can afford consistently and long term I am launching a group training program.

This is how it works:

At the end of the month you are to send me which group training days will work for you. Β The times of group training at the YWCA are 5:15 pm on Monday’s and 8:30 am on Wednesday’s. Β SoΒ you will tell me which classes you plan on attending.Β Once I finalize who all will be attending I will send out an e-mail for the individual costs associated. Β For example, each class that 3 people plan on attending you will pay $36 for the class. Β 4 people in attendance, you pay $31 per class. Β Depending on if people are traveling etc. your cost might change.

I will have a workout designed for the group in advance each week and you will have it to follow along. Β I will try and address individual concerns and issues as best as possible in the small group.

This class is not for beginner’s, and ideally not for people who aren’t familiar with my training. Β In an effort to keep it equal for all members I would like to create groups of people who are already familiar with dynamic warm ups, cool downs, and are familiar with their own bodies needs and challenges.

So! Β If you are interested reply toΒ me at katherine@optimal-health-coaching.com to get your spot! Β With all the women on weights programs coming to an end these spots may fill up fast.

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