Mobility Class This Saturday- Come open up your glutes!

This is a friendly reminder about my mobility class every Saturday at #180-4255 Arbutus Street (APT STUDIOS), right beside the Dollarama.  The class runs from 1130-1230 every week.  Drop in fee is $20.  If you want to check out the amazing results the class has created in the past few weeks be sure to check out my photos on


or Instagram:

This week we are working on the GLUTES.

I am going to post our exercises here for you, but I use my short term language, so much of it probably won’t make sense to you.  I wanted to post it so that you can see the class is much more than stretching, and that there is a lot to learn from it!

Mobility Class May 30th 2015

Focus: Glutes (maximus and external rotators)

Test: Seated glute stretch position, or the double pigeon (sitted position)

Warm up:

  • Leg swings
  • Pick leg up and cradle X 10

Foam Rolling the area with the foam roller and then with a fascial ball.

Fascial Rolling:

  • On back with balls under PSIS into piriformis, legs in splayed butterfly position. Breathe and then contract and relax.
  • Crossfiber the piriformis by putting right foot into floor and rolling side to side on left piriformis.
  • Draw circles around greater trochanter.
  • Lay with two balls on the upper side of your hip. Contract relax (press outside of left foot into the ground). Point and flex foot to strip the glute medius. Tuck and untuck the pelvis to cross fiber this muscle.
  • Pin and stretch by lifting and lowering the bottom leg nice and high. Then try a bicycle pedal action with bottom leg
  • Put the balls on your TFL and cross your top leg over and put the foot on the ground.   Then strip the TFL by pointing and flexing the bottom foot. Pivot the body faces the floor and then back up.
  • Try flexing and extending the bottom leg
  • Vastus lateralis and IT band: lay on side with balls under vastus lateralis and stack legs if possible, roll the balls side to side over the IT band.

Held Stretches & Movements:

1) Pigeon – high, with an eventual rotation to the side. Then pigeon low.

2) Try a high hip flexor stretch by pushing the knee right out to the side, foot can come off the ground and then rotate towards and away from the pushing of the knee.

3) Glute stretch sitting on a chair, fold forward, rotate in and out of it, then pick the leg up and hug and twist away.

4) Internal rotation on back (thoracic twist, but bring the leg up over the knee and pull it down to the ground.

Strengthening for stability:

Glute raises on floor, squats, one leg deadlifts

Please don’t forget to pass this onto a friend in the area who may benefit from the class.  This class is especially good for those recovering from injury, yogis looking to improve their yoga practice, people who are looking to prevent injuries and aches and pains.

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