Core and Posture Workshop Coming up! Saturday May 30th @ the YWCA

Are you sitting at your desk feeling pain in your neck or back?

Do you regularly get massage for hip or shoulder tightness/pain?

Do you actually know how to engage the appropriate muscles to stand in perfect posture both in a sitting and standing position?

On May 30th I will be presenting my 3rd round of my 3 hour core and posture fit program. Β The purpose of this workshop is to learn about proper posture, how sitting at a desk all day ruins our posture over time, and what exercises/stretches/foam rolling we can do in the gym to counteract poor posture!

As a bonus, for the last 45 minutes I teach the group about why sit ups are fine, but not the best way to train for a functional core, and I introduce a variety of exercises to try instead.

You will walk away with a really great understanding and idea of how to start to move throughout your day, in your life, and in the gym with better posture.

Posture affects our internal health, our confidence, the health of our neck and back (which affects muscles of the entire body!!), as well as many other benefits.

If you are interested in joining on May 30th from 1:30-4:30 pm at the YWCA call member services.

If you have any further questions send me an e-mail!

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